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Why does F0 give Biyadi " enemy is my all hurt " firm action?

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Two Zhou Qian, biyadi F0 with thirty-six thousand nine hundred - forty-six thousand nine hundred yuan low enters town. Biyadi says to monicker, the bicycle profit of F0 just 1000 yuan. This caused the panic of car look forward to that is dominant with the car directly, depreciate in succession meet head-on, whole small car market at a draught agitate is gotten snafu.

Appear on the market in F0 the following day, its are direct adversary Qq3 falls greatly 2000 yuan, run quickly run quickly in terminal to also have highest 1500 yuan fall, the model that expresses to will roll out 1.0l to discharge an amount is opposite with answering F0, and sales volume not the privilege of Great Wall demon of beautiful is to be as high as 3000 yuan more.

Small car market is original profit is not high, wait for the price plus raw material go up continuously raise with

Why does Biyadi give this court?

According to author analysis, biyadi is impulse, the 2 cards that it is a tree, union rises in light of, biyadi has even " kill look forward to of 10 strong cars, try with strange luck than tall " ambition.

If consider the Qq contribution to strange luck, can reach in a group of numbers: Sales volume of strange 2007 luck 381 thousand, among them Qq is exclusive 130186, exceed 1/3. And Xiali, auspicious wait for own brand to also had had and not as good as, car of introductory class miniature props up the major servicing that had a company.

Look in Biyadi, this is water of a lard really, it is at least together " can strong sales volume " fertile soil.

Although current main gain nods Biyadi,come from F3, and breeding F6 this one " high-end car " , but everybody is clear about Biyadibi, the gain perspective of F6 is not clear, and F3 gets offline in 200 thousand and consolidated after the market, biyadi is badly in need of another model undertaking " the shop is measured " .

To let field of quotations of free of this impulse car, biyadi with " 1000 yuan of profit " fix a price, predicting sales volume 8000 quantities. 100 thousand sales volume to Biyadi, will comparative inferior enlighten low end the market undertakes propping up. F3 is in the sales volume first half of the year was 59439 2008, if F0 can complete sale plan as scheduled, offer the sales volume that pounds 200 thousand for Biyadi puissant prop up. Come so, biyadi kills look forward to of 10 strong cars, also perhaps had symptom of a trend.

Can not look down upon the big list that enters look forward to of 10 strong cars, this means market visibility to rise considerably, can obtain more and free media conduct propaganda, what new car is shifted again after Biyadi so, much advantage of a public relations.

But what does Biyadi rely on to prop up this one " enemy is my all hurt " is firm enrolled?

The price of F0 can say the result that is market action, but the change that faces outside ambient, this price is right of company profit prop up appear a bit feeble again, the market of this scale model can hold to only " small profits but quick turnover " .

Xia Zhibing ever appeared on the market in F0 express on the press conference, at least one year in the price that won't adjust F0. Have media analysis, the target of F0 is the month sells 8000, and the market month capacity of car of whole Aoo class is controlled 50 thousand times only, want to hold 15% right-and-left share, be not easy thing.

And from Biyadi the current situation of the car looks, produce still can put in bottleneck. Show according to media message, the order of F0 already exceeded 10 thousand, short-term inside the market still can be in the condition that demand exceeds supply. This is right just for the Biyadi of sortie car market, it is a very big test.

Current market and in those days of Qq timely appear on the market already disparate, so the destiny of F0 still was not predicted. In addition, with level auspicious panda is about to appear on the market, panda hits 1.0lcvvt engine to regard killer as mace, also be the competitor with absolutely Fo.

Qq is affected for years in the market short-term inside won't immediately abate, auspicious panda forces closely again, biyadi F0 whether present as leading role small litter market, see antecedents still growing now.

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