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The dialog is super Weitela " the father of colour "

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Silk silver, calx, sky black, curtain of night is blue with pearl white-----It is 5 kinds of color that super dimension pulls bell wood new edition especially----Out at 47 years old-----In the design conception that super dimension pulls the father of colour to cross an edge to manage especially.

On September 9, face lake of Changzhou weather eye one pool clean water, new super dimension pulls 2.4l and 3.2l especially, the one Chi Jing water of weather eye lake, lift howl kind of ground billows. Bell wood leads characteristic to consume Chinese market with high-end model, use the product with higher content of science and technology-----"Please " Chinese consumer? !

Ben Junming of general manager bridge of bell wood China says, new super Weitela----Plan China market sells 2000 this year, average every month sells 300. Current, the first batch 700 already went to bell wood China each 4s inn. This car is in factory of cropland of Japanese bell trencher----With 1 minute 1 rate produces super dimension to haul factory production especially, plan year of quantity to produce 200 thousand.

7 years on August 29, the lake of Changzhou weather eye in overcast and rainy----Jim Buddhist nun quantity of cabinet, embarking platoon is automobile body engine of Vvt of 1.3l, 16 valve, in in low speed and high speed all show driving dynamical sex and exceedingly good Jing Su quality. Go up in road of daily shop outfit but acute travel. Inside buy ladder frame, distribute the suspension system with bedspring of helix of hard at 3 o'clock axis, on cross-country road play goes out to pass a gender primely. Gentleman of the village in stylist thinks: When new super dimension plays the market 20 years especially, its commodity design concept still is----Cross-country athletics person.

Bell wood hopes to be in rising market, in the customer that wins through adept small-sized car, attract existence high-grade car buys the customer that changes requirement. Farther fractionize market.

Learned Dubiansi passes on abundant cropland city---At ordinary times sports activity be confined to 3 kinds of balls kind: Football, baseball, tennis and-----Long-distance running-----Showed sports of the department that cross a border and mechanical confluence talent.

I ask Dubiansi, be every chapel or activity of a month? He replies, a month at least 2, 3. These balls kind, what colour correlation do long-distance running and design have?

His answer is very simple----Speed------The football needs dish of belt skill-----Of tennis need leg and arm limbs cooperate------And one kind baseball is concussion speed more spans. These 3 balls put the center that be together, be super Weitela use feeling rate. Dubiansi's long-distance running-----Showed run endurance------The instant that drags super Weitela erupts force.

I still cannot understand, be confined to a ball kind with the car move feeling, is the colour of the primitive sex that can these elements pull super dimension especially, mechanical sex and contemporary design sex shirt-sleeve? Can you capture characteristic to consume the market?
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