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20-25 of 2.0L model price is pushed at the beginning of homebred S40 next year 1

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The reporter learned from inn of many Wo Erwo 4S a few days ago, s40 of homebred Wo Erwo will roll out 2.0L model at the beginning of next year, price is in 200 thousand to 250 thousand yuan between, this action will make homebred S40 discharges volume base twice to go up in 2.4L and T5, between farther section of the market playing detective.

As we have learned, s40 discharges an amount in European engine start from 1.6L, include 1.6L 1.8L, 2.0L, 2.4L and T5 to wait a variety of, and the model that all is 2.0L and 2.0L to discharge an amount below in what England, Sweden and Germany sell, but China is the model that 2.4L and T5 discharge an amount twice greatly. 2.0L platoon measures guide, the product line that widens S40 is in China further, make its participate in the competition of the car of mainstream B class such as Kaimeirui, elegant cabinet.

A dealer shows, the 2.0L that homebred 2.0L S40 will use former outfit to import 4 crocks of gasoline engine, most high-power is 107 kilowatt. And specific configuration respect, will include two hands to use model and an automatic model, deploy respectively 6 fast hands are moved and 5 fast automatic gear-box. The exterior and respect of automobile body measure will be mixed cash is homebred S40 is consistent.

According to divulging, the 2.0L model of homebred S40 will announce detailed model data and price at was being controlled in Feburary next year, arrived in March between April appear on the market. Because be the low end of S40 model, 2.0L model can reduce a few luxurious configuration than 2.4L model, cancel cruise to decide for instance fast, seat heats to wait with automatic air conditioning.

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