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China morning BMW forcing the king or emperor to abdicate 1 department is homebr

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Think the destiny that lets oneself obtains a favourable turn, force BMW is handed over brand-new model -- BMW 1 department, the likelihood is Hua Chen's only chance.

Huachen BMW general build the 2nd factory, of message of this enterprise interior announce, not be out joint-stock company itself, however out the mouth of an official.

A few days ago, mix in Hua Chen BMW is bilateral still sedulous and evasive new plant of this one sensitive topic when the mouth, liaoning saves vice-governor Liu Guojiang to establish celebration ceremonially 5 years to take the lead in announcing in Hua Chenbao horse, new plant of China morning BMW will be inside this year start working, at the appointed time China morning BMW is produced can come promotion 80 thousand, code name is the new plant of settle of new model hopeful of F18.

This character, BMW respect instantly feel as if sitting on a bed with needles, spread out urgent public relations to clarify " fact " . And as the message by fair show, derivative also the kink story of a paragraph of joint-stock both sides.

I want 1 department

On September 4, 2008, it is the date that China morning BMW establishs 5 years. Inside factory of BMW of Shenyang China morning, joint-stock both sides held the 100 thousandth car ceremoniously to get offline ceremony.

Whether to because Hua Chen and BMW both sides are in,reach how to build belong to the same organization of the 2nd factory to go up to still put dispute, because this ceremonially just is in each,do his utmost of evasive reporter " chase intercept " . Nevertheless, go up when the news briefing of the last person that make a speech after entering the court, the circumstances appeared to change dramaticly however.

Ground of one face dignified moves toward Liu Guojiang of Liaoning province vice-governor speech stage, greeted simply a few later, announce suddenly: "China morning BMW adds a factory newly to will strive at the start working inside year, next year put into production, make China morning BMW is produced can promote reach 80 thousand, prepare code name of put into production to be the new model of F18. " after this, liu Guojiang silent as the grave leave the scene quickly. The Qi Yumin of China morning president that remain is obliged to deal with the earth's surface to show: "We are discussing the issue that factory enlarge produces really, no-go still now, who says you go who looking for. " after this, qi Yumin disappears very quickly also.

Be what makes them so disturbed after all?

As we have learned, the first phase of factory of China morning BMW is produced can plan to be 30 thousand, after executing 3 to pour production, produce can promote 44 thousand, the produce and sale 2007 measured Dan Huachen BMW to had exceeded 30 thousand, and according to in last few years the sales volume of Hua Chenbao horse increases rate, will greet next year produce can be critical badly, because this builds the 2nd plant,be related must carry program now.
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