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The rank of nobility will roll out the name to be blocked automatically in Septe

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Contest signs up dispatch (reporter He Ling) as hookup of country of Ying Chao football advocate the rank of nobility, model of a brunt will be rolled out in the last ten-day of a month in September -- MG7AT. Roll out this share 3 models, cent is mixed for comfortable edition, luxurious edition exceed luxurious edition.

This automatic gear-box ever still carried MG7AT to wait like Volvov50, Volvos80, Volvos60, VolvoXC90, SAAB 9-3, LANCIA, ALFA166, SAAB9-5 numerous in on high-end model. Cooperate MG7AT model to make the gear-box with superior performance more smooth, in combination of MG name the rank of nobility, flower, expert of Shikoku of day, heart, in chassis tone teachs and match many improvement was done to work on the gender. For this, MG name the rank of nobility carried two MG7AT model technically still to undertake to Japan the demarcate of gear-box works. The motor of class of completely aluminous racing bicycle that MG7AT model uses model of 1.8T turbine pressure boost to exceed litres of big power, accord with a country 4 standards, MG7AT model still continued this one advantage, the fast oil bad news such as 90km/h accuses to be less than 7.5L/km, integrated road besides also control below the circumstance control in 8L/km. Current, MG7AT books the price to reach 210 thousand yuan in 180 thousand yuan between.

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