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Car city performance calms consumption tax new rule is affected to the car not q

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Rose on September 1, consumption tax new rule is carried out formally, as we have learned, the luxurious car that the price rises greatly, behave these days relatively low fan, and the luxurious car that is less than 3l partly takes the chance the sales volume after sales promotion rises. But the influence of good in benefit news leaves the small car that discharge an amount, still behave calm.

The reporter understands, took the advantage of this opportunity not less to have favourable sales promotion under the luxurious car of 3l.

If Shanghai general motors removes pair of Kaidilake from September 2,the banner issues Sls of car of luxurious business affairs contest power whole set undertakes the price and configuration adjust. Sls is surpassed power 2.8l elite edition and luxurious edition price are reduced respectively mix 498 thousand yuan to 448 thousand yuan, fall it is respectively 10% with 11% . These days, the incoming telegram seeks advice and come the customer that inn sees a car is apparent grow in quantity, order also accordingly apparent increase.

Similar case still is performed in inn of 4s of other and luxurious car, the personage inside course of study expresses, platoon quantity moves price in the luxurious car of 3l above, many consumer turn and choose the luxurious vehicle under 3l, apparent, near future of market of this one fractionize can be behaved somewhat.

Get attention likewise still have the small car discharging an amount that gets consumption tax to reduce, but understand according to the reporter, market of the small car that discharge an amount suffers impact of consumption tax new rule to want to compare big amount apparently luxurious car is small. Zhejiang is strange Hu Shuangming of auspicious car general manager tells a reporter, there is only in the Qq that they sell is 0.8l, the price is in twenty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, although the consumer that will ask ask these days is some more, but sales volume has not risen apparently. Sell what small platoon measures a vehicle under 1l to still Chang'an runs quickly likewise, zhejiang auspicious connect a car to express about chief, go straight towards running quickly to only a car discharges an amount is 1l, the price that privilege of 30 thousand yuan of car price new consumption tax come down also 559 yuan, almost negligible not plan, no matter be the person that sales volume still sees a car with differ before not quite, the influence is not apparent.

Consumption tax adjusts the carry outing of new rule, from at present market reaction looks, good to the benefit of the small car that discharge an amount impact is very little, and stimulative to luxurious car effect is a few bigger. The personage inside course of study expresses, the essence of new consumption tax is for " curb big spread is small " , although temporary effect is done not have,anticipate like people in that way, but its meaning guides in Yu Changyuan's consumption.
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