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Danger of 4S inn car decides caustic " go regular " ! Lay a finger on " insuranc

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"Danger getting on a car when, the salesperson offerred program of danger of two harness an animal to cart to me: One, car a place difficult of access is bought in 4s inn, can enjoy 8 lose privilege, and the advantage is 4s him inn has the right that decide caustic, complete duty manage compensate gold need not client pay for sb and expect to be repaid later; 2, also can buy in the inn that be not 4s, be like insurance intermediary or phone car danger, over consumer also can buy the insurance with lower discount, but all problems that in assuring manage compensate process commonly, produce.

Recently, incoming telegram of reader grandson gentleman refers its question, "Which should I choose to cover program? Whether does 4s inn have car danger to decide the right of cutting advantageous position and price of danger of optional control car? " the doubt with respect to the reader, the reporter is opposite 4s inn

4s inn has the right that decide caustic

Want to understand 4s inn to whether have car danger to decide cutting advantageous position, will see the way deciding caustic of insurance company above all. At present the cent of the means that decide caustic of insurance company is 3 kinds: Send by insurance company cadre (picture) the member that decide caustic decides caustic, this kind of means is applied to involve the manage compensate with larger amount; Ask social company representative to decide caustic, be in charge of nuclear caustic and nuclear price; Last kinds are by inn of 4s of insurance company accredit, repair a factory to decide caustic remotely through the network. The manage compensate gold of last kinds of means that decide caustic has certain amount restriction, manage compensate amount is in 2000 yuan - 20000 yuan. That is to say, 4s inn was awarded the amount that decide caustic to decide cutting advantageous position in the car inside certain limits by insurance company.

It is reported, at present domestic insurance company can award distribute basically decide caustic counterpoises, more insurance company enters the store that be stationed in 4s for a long time. The center of compensate of manage of accident insurance of traffic of caustic of motor vehicle content that Shanghai built in April this year first established 5 cent center, center of these 5 cent is established it is inside the 4s store with 5 larger scale. Go up according to road of golden sanded river numerous country east wind Xue Tielong (parameter picture) central introduction, there are 13 insurance companies to be garrisoned by turns inside inn, come so, after client be or get out of danger, can get convenient manage compensate serves.

Personage of know the inside story discloses, "Although the car danger of each insurance company expends rate calculation method to differ somewhat, but the discount is basic it is consistent. " one of origin that insurance returns a dot is agency profit, so car danger resource also is the service project that every member that sell must strive for almost. The price bottom line that accordingly the rebate of car danger price of each 4s inn reached to protect inspect to be able to set almost 7 fold. But regard each 4s as inn, they do not have the power that commands car danger price.

4s inn decides caustic to have advantages and disadvantages

The reporter is in in understanding the process about information of danger of 4s inn car, also understand the benefit that exists in danger of 4s inn car and fraud.

As we have learned, in accident manage compensate, consumer most one of headaching problems are insurance company to manage compensate gold default, although Shanghai almost all insurance company have commitment: Only evidence of claim for compensation is all ready, reach to both sides of amount of claim for compensation consistent, involve the compensate case of car caustic only, manage compensate pays gold inside 5 days (holiday postpone) ; Involve the compensate case that the person hurts, manage compensate pays gold inside 10 days. But in fact insurance company cannot accomplish seasonable manage compensate however, consumer is first-class it is a few months. And the customer that bought car a place difficult of access in 4s inn commonly, not only rate of compensate of the manage that decide caustic is rapid, and should produce an accident, be decided to have duty when, be need not of gold of compensate of manage of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, handle by 4s inn entirely however.

But insider expresses, to 4s inn, its bigger car danger gain is maintaining manage compensate at be or get out of danger, but this exists among them violate the operation of compasses.

"Agency has trouble, and have client demand again, so we can give the wrongdoer a way out. " a car danger controller of inn of joint-stock brand 4s introduces to the reporter, "The manage compensate amount of insurance company and presence of content caustic amount are constant sell price difference completely, according to groovy practice, these price difference must buy sheet by consumer. Feel to pay no attention to solution to this meeting as consumer, our right now common practice is little rated damage is coordinated from inside man-hour cost, the consideration when big rated damage adds fittings item. For example car advocate crack up bumper, so we tear open headlight to him come down, fill the headlight that goes up bad, decide caustic manage compensate to drop together, go back good headlight outfit again next, will fill from this price difference. Will fill from this price difference..

Such practice terribly is actually general, the member that insurance company decides caustic, member that the network decides the check and ratify of caustic the heart knows abdomen bright. And the member that insurance company decides caustic in control all the time and agency are formed " cooperative each other is connected " relation. As we have learned, the member that regulation of some insurance company decides caustic must hillock of a quarterly annulus one, the member that decide caustic in order to avoid and agency " cooperative each other is connected " . However the regulation of insurance company also did not have very big control effect.

Consumption reminds:

Little rated damage " error " probably insurance company opens an eye to shut an eye to go, but if illegal element wants to be cheated from which,get a benefit, consequence will be serious.

Basis " insurance law " regulation, policy-holder, insurant or beneficiary beneficiary has safe and fraudulent activity, make crime will investigate criminal duty lawfully. To by get behind cheat the case that protect compensate, can remove according to insurance law insurance contract and do not reimburse insurance premium. There is no lack of in home this kind of case, once be checked by insurance company,have the appearance of the inconsistent with the facts that decide caustic, serve as consumer to cannot get compensate of car danger manage not only, and still must go in insurance cost compensate, the loss outweights the gain. Accordingly, the individual do not have an insatiable desire for Xiaoli. Supervise even at the same time cast the 4s that protect inn or it is what to calm caustic counterpoises repair a factory, put an end to there is those who miss appropriate action to happen in deciding caustic, protect suspicion with avoiding to cheat.

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