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Car of a person of extraordinary powers rises in price show at the beginning of

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On September 1, new car consumption tax adjusts plan to be carried out formally. So far, confusion the market of long the old car that discharge an amount of a few months has ended. Go up period, ceng Kan delivers our newspaper " curb won'ts do greatly raise is small lack of power " special report, because consumption tax adjusts plan,came on stage to make the impact of generation the analysis in the light of car of the big a person of extraordinary powers that discharge an amount. The near future, we also had follow-up attention to its market trends, after knowing the tune on consumption tax the relevant circumstance of market of car of a person of extraordinary powers.

   Leikesasi takes the lead in raising price

It is reported, carry out in policy of new on September 1 consumption tax that day, leikesasi announced to adjust price of whole department model namely, go up differ to 347 thousand yuan from 17 thousand yuan. Dealer shows, adjust a brought ascendant cost this because of consumption tax, assume 1/3 each by manufacturer, agency, consumer respectively. Cost price of for example Es350 472 thousand yuan, present price is 489 thousand yuan. Grow 10% according to the car consumption tax that decides 3 above formerly, es350 should grow forty-seven thousand two hundred yuan, but grew 17 thousand yuan only actually. Shanghai general motors also announces at 2 days, sls of car of subordinate and luxurious business affairs surpasses Kaidilake power the attune on 4.6l admiral edition reachs 828 thousand yuan.

Additional, according to reporter understanding, in Beijing at present carry connects Bo Shiying to poor inside inn of Ni Di 4s, because new consumption tax is affected, the price of partial model had small to rise, of the 3.5l of Fx model and 4.5l model go up control with 127 thousand yuan in 25 thousand yuan respectively, and to M35 and G35 model, because agency proper motion digested the cost that rise because of consumption tax and brings, so price was not affected, continue to hold cost price sale. Other like Woerwo, Yingfeinidi, masses, run quickly, the car of a person of extraordinary powers such as BMW all appeared extent differs rise in price. Nevertheless, interview according to the reporter be informed, so far, still partial manufacturer did not announce the specific plan that move price.

   Car of a person of extraordinary powers heats up temporary refrigeration

Before this, car of Ya Yun Cun trades Guo Yong of director of center of information of market business affairs expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, city of the old car that discharge an amount may be in car consumption tax is formal September on after tone, appear brief contractive situation. To this, the reporter is visited once more last week inferior city, in the discovery in interviewing, although each agency still will discharge capacity vehicle to be placed in the markeddest position greatly, but before the person photograph that comes round to see a car is compared one, appeared to decrease apparently, the exhibition hall of car of certain a person of extraordinary powers can be used even " there is few visitors " will describe.
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