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Car of a person of extraordinary powers rises in price show at the beginning of

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The salesperson of inn of some luxurious car 4s expresses, the consumer that basically wants to buy a car was driven early on September 1 consumption tax attune goes up to already took action before, accordingly, come now the person of inn great majority is to shift a car. Although buy the person majority of the old car that discharge an amount to belong to high spending crowd, but they are very astute also, understanding consumption tax adjusts policy, most won't choose to buy a car when the car just rose in price. Additional, because still have the price of business of much home car,case adjusts plan to was not announced up to now, because this also caused a share,consumer cannot order the case of the car. For example, reporter from Beijing couplet develop abstruse the salesperson place inside the inn that connect 4s is interviewed be informed, because Ao Di's government moves price plan to did not come on stage, because of this part model (like Q7 4.7l) cannot book. The uncertainty on this kind of price, caused a lot of consumer generation to hold money to wait for bought psychology, also produced certain effect to sales volume.

The personage inside a lot of course of study is analysed, this consumption tax adjusts plan carry out, although can be in short-term inside certain to discharging the city that measure a vehicle to cause greatly influence, but long-term and character, market of car of a person of extraordinary powers still is valued. Nevertheless, adjust future this to change the structure of whole entrance car probably, this year first half of the year, entrance car market rises 52% , among them the car of 3.0l above grows 52% , and the Suv of 3.0l above grew 114% , this impetus will be restrained. Those who pass period of time is low fan, the scale of model of the different entrance that discharge an amount can be adjusted somewhat necessarily. It is reported, at present a few import the total agent of the car, had begun to adjust the scale that imports a model, drop off discharges the import that estimates a model greatly.

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