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MG car club located in the global car culture in China docking

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China and the global car culture marks the perfect butt Eighty popular motor racing set, the world's largest single auto brand club - MGCar Club grand settled in China. October 23, the formal establishment of the Shanghai Tianma MGCar Club China (MG car club in China Club), is the world's eighth ten MG car club. Since then, China MG MG car owners no longer have to look into the distance event in the year overseas to enjoy the five continents of the world together sway MG riders personality, temperament and creativity Living culture of the global automotive platform. Tianma Circuit day staged a shock of unprecedented scale, colorful carnival carnival intermittently for 24 hours. MG from the owners of the country's first reunion more than a thousand, and indulge in a taste of the global automotive entertainment and cultural MG To bring the wonderful experience. As the first Chinese MG owners in the history of the General Assembly, and its introduction of the prestigious MG Live! Festival, based on the first time "F3 reversing King", "0-200 straight King," "King of Driving" and "for- Child king "of civilians into the cool racing exciting sports events in the limit of professional racing show, the passion of the MG owners to create their own unique track record of hard work, the engine roar of the site is thousands of miles to race at Silverstone Road tribute tribute. Both the creative market during the day, cars appreciation, or the night of the car movies, camping BBQ, all the MG owners to enjoy the fun of an extraordinary car entertainment and cultural experiences. Rooted in China, 86 glorious years of cultural continuity MG cars Has 86 years of glorious history of the MG brand, carrying the MG fans worldwide search for several generations of British Living the dream, with its persistent spirit of innovation to create numerous models of the classic sports car can afford to make the world enjoyed Experience the speed and passion of freedom rights, as a sign of British car culture and pride. At the same time, heritage and passionate race car with a unique personality and extraordinary temperament MG, also won the most fans around the world A wide range of love, and has the world's largest single automotive brand club - MG Car Club and MG Owners Club. Worthy of distinction is that the former is the organization with a large number of MG-related activities, committed to the club members To provide quality service and support; the latter to provide services for all MG models, including the sale of spare parts classic cars. Particularly proud of the fact, MG Car Club has just ushered in the eighth ten burning passion, with more than 50 organizations staged a sub-station global Ode to Joy. After the vicissitudes of life in ancient times, the different cultural backgrounds, such as crazy, if MG fans still drunk all over the world is a testimony to the great charm of MG. As the MG Car Club General Manager Julian White said: "MG car club was established in China, not only marked the MG as an international chemicals 86 years of cultural heritage brand, heritage lay out will take root in China, inheritance and innovation, it would mean China's car culture and global car culture the perfect butt. I believe in this platform, the Chinese owners of MG will be able to more fully Sub-sentiment 'that is different from yours'. " The first show Tianmashan, MG6Saloon a global family passes MG The far behind, gathered in the National MG owner Shanghai Tianma also became the first distance appreciative MG6 Saloon (sedan) the lucky ones. MG's as the latest example of a UK Design for the MG6 Saloon, MG brand pool ideas and best British repairer genes at the same time dynamic, innovative and personalized blend of mainstream design aesthetic beauty of the balance, and further meet the diverse needs of consumers, car, comprehensive leader in innovation Class personalized car mainstream New Wave aesthetic trends. With its "mainstream interpretation of personality, creativity in the emphasis on practical" product differentiation advantages, MG6 Saloon perfect fit not only want to show that self, more mainstream look forward to Psychological demands of consumers recognized car. In this regard, Shanghai Automotive passenger car company official said: "The reason why MG owners in the first session of the Conference of China to show MG6 Saloon, is the MG brand enthusiasts to proclaim to the nation, whether it is a balanced and pragmatic master Schools, or tireless forward, avant-garde who want extraordinary, MG6 be able to design attractive UK Design UK Driving your desire to conquer. With MG, MG into the world to have a family pass to have the experience MG86 on a platform of car culture. "