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Even more difficult for people to mention the end of transfer speed is second-ha

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Affected by the recent car purchase tax concessions may be canceled, car trade and other policies about closing, selling new car models and other factors is difficult to mention cars, second-hand car market beginning to hot up. 2, the reporter visited Yantai learned many car market, the just-concluded 11-month used-car sales increased significantly over the previous few months, compared to last year has increased substantially, the individual has been opened for some time sought-after cars type, then do not get the cars on the market sell off "value." To transfer more and more like a cell phone for frequent replacement because like "old fashioned" "In fact, my car was running 40,000 km, the reason for going to sell, because a little bit out of the way." Members of the public Xiangdong an electronics company to work in the urban areas, in order to facilitate the work, 3 years ago, he spent over 80,000 yuan to buy Jetta vehicles. Only a few years past, Mr. Chen increasingly feel that their car can not keep up the trend, although the vehicle condition is good, but look at the cars on the road now, the car really felt the same as the last century. "I intend to last year sold his car, change a new one, when I asked to used cars market, to the price of 5.5 million, because they feel they lose too much, change things to stay down." Xiangdong told reporters that He did not expect that this year in September, when he again went to inquire about the used car market price, dropped to his car about 5 million, then he has running out of patience, so taking into account the 2 months after In the last week has finally sold the car. Interview, reporters found that Mr. Chen had the same experience with a lot of people are now members of the public transfer is no longer as cautious as the previous two years. Urban area, a second-hand car market leader told reporters, as for now many owners replace their cell phones, the reasons for change is not because the car breaks down, can not be opened, but because the way out, and even some owners the car just bought a month, but the interior of the car to see how how I feel dislike, and finally froze is to sell the car. 2 car even more difficult to cash at the end of second-hand car business is robbed adequate car Years in the used car business, Sun Junfu told reporters, in fact, sales this year and previous years, almost, in October and November are selling well, especially into December, obviously feeling the car will sell 5-8 million more level, fast end of the year, and there are a lot of people intend to buy a car back home the New Year. Holds the same view with the Sun Junfu operators of a few second-hand cars, used cars also business operations, told reporters Zhang Xiaojun, cars are durable goods, not used up on the lost, the owner usually sell used cars first, then buy a new car. The first year of a new car depreciation rates can reach 15% after 4 years to reach 50% depreciation rate, and now specializes in buying one just opened a second car for two years, because they feel so that you can always open a new one. "Currently on the market like the Volkswagen CC, Golf, Tiguan, Audi Q5 and other car models are generally not present, which makes a lot of car buyers turning to the used car market." Sunjun Fu told reporters that he recently received a lot of Customers are looking to buy the original Volkswagen CC, golf 6 car brands such as consumers, not to mention the delay is because the car, and eventually went to the used car market Amoy times new goods. Sun Junfu told reporters, now they can shop around closing two or three cars a day, while the first few months of one week may be sold so much. According to his rough statistics, and 11 months of overall sales 20% higher than in October about the market in them, to estimate turnover of 150 vehicles last month.