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Mercedes-Benz 30000 cheap trick trap used car trade exposure

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30000 Mercedes-Benz, BMW 5 million, the authenticity of how? "Audi 20000 Accord 20000 Mazda Mercedes-Benz 30000 10000 10000 Camry Jetta 2 Manpower to 10,000 BMW 5 million procedures complete package on the used car license." I believe this information second-hand car sales have seen a lot of friends. There are even some criminals who pay the company set up a specialized establishment of the station used car website, there really is a dream come true of a good thing? If you think this is pie, it would be wrong. Slightly familiar with the vehicle's friends should understand that such a low price, do not buy these brands used car, so do not be fooled by these low-priced. Liar way of deception probably be divided into three categories: The first is cheating car deposit. Website information, if someone links fraud to the designated account will let you exchange 1000-2000 yuan deposit. Encountered such a "small lie", you have been cheated of the only car deposit. The second is in the car deposit fraud, and then want you to continue to send money. When you sink into the deposit account fraud, the fraud and the remaining cars will let you pay a look at cars. If you pay the full amount at this time, they will immediately disappear. The third way is through the network of fraud changing Software. Liar car will personally look at cars, and that car's friend in the bank waiting for transfer. They find a way to set the car were friends of the mobile phone number, and then changing Software to their mobile phone number into the number of car buyers call friends, and friends, after seeing your phone number will send money. The main features of crooks information: 1, low, ridiculously low price of 2 million Audi, Mercedes-Benz 30000. . . 2, delivery trucks, delivery 3, claimed to be smuggled cars, seized cars, can not see the light, trade secret, not face to face transactions, etc., can only make money to a designated account 4, independent website, the website will show that certain places, certain people buy cars and other relevant information has been sent, so you feel his clients across the country, and it is a real person 5, no matter what model you have to absolutely have the goods 6, the vehicle will not be with you in the same place, for example, you are in Beijing, the other sure to tell your car in Hebei. . . Such a liar overwhelming information on the Internet, they also spend money to advertise. Keyword ranking search engine, advertising alliances is their most common means of promotion. Bikers forum, a lot of classified information on the web site. Some small used car website is the liar information distribution center. Choice of profession regular used car website is "benevolent" In summary, the proposed used car information in the query, when the formal choice of profession used car site is "benevolent." Used Car like Eukanuba, is a large and regular professional used car website. Used Car in excellent card in the used car industry as the influential professional informal second-hand car site, they have their own set of source information used trucks audit standards. On second-hand car dealers are joining the qualification through rigorous examination, the only card in excellent used car websites car source information published above. Personal used car information, are also approved only after the relevant pages appear on the site, if "slip through the net", once discovered, will be deleted immediately. Eukanuba used car network staff, said: "Although the site itself is of such false information does not assume responsibility for, nor provide any guarantee, but to give priority card used car network users a secure, trusted open platform, even if Touru no amount of human and material resources in the above, is worth it ". In fact, the way to avoid falling into the trap of simply a liar, cheater no matter what kind of trick, cheap used cars in that, first of all think about using their own brain, not the impulse to keep a clear head. Buy used cars, as far as possible to the regular second-hand car market, used cars or professional regular site and view the vehicle's relevant procedures.