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The service life that prolongs car and drive skill

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Maintain regularly car

Must press strictly " the car maintains manual " the regulation maintains regularly to service station of engage by special arrangement car. Maintain regularly can enhance travel security not only, prolong service life, and still can assure fuel economy, reduce environmental pollution. Because, the engine with technical bad position, its oil bad news should compare regular state tall 10 % .

Reduce stone's throw travel

After engine and catalytic converter reach regular job temperature, fuel uses up ability to achieve whack, normal play purifies action. Be in the medium-sized car engine of cold conditions, inside the 1 kilometer after sailing on foot since, its 100 kilometers oily bad news is as high as 30~40 to rise, travel falls after 2 kilometers reach 20 litres, arrange travel oily bad news just can achieve whack after 4 kilometers. Accordingly, answer to reduce stone's throw travel as far as possible.

Make sure tire is normal and baric

Answer to often check tyre pressure, if fetal pressure ratio stipulates the cost is low 0.5 Pascal, oily cost will raise 5 % . In addition, tyre pressure on the low side still will increase wheel scroll resistance, aggravate tire wears away. The tire when the examination is baric should be in cold conditions. In addition, please not annual uses winter tire, otherwise oily cost will raise 10 % , answer to use winter tire by real need.

Arrange boot in time

Each kilograms of load of the car all will affect oily cost, accordingly, whether should often contain inside examination boot the goods that does not need. After roof rack is used, should pull down instantly, otherwise, wind block will rise when travel, bring about oily bad news to rise, for example, speed is in hour of / of kilometer of ~120 of hour of 100 kilometers / when, rack will make oily cost rises 12 % .

Do not use device of bad news report blindly

Use device of bad news report by real need please, do not make in order to raises oily cost blindly. Hind the power consumption homogeneous phase of the headlight before wind is window heater, auxiliary, air-blower and air conditioning system is become big, they can raise dynamo negative charge, raise fuel to use up. For example, wind window heater uses 10 hours after, truckload oily cost will raise 1 litres.

Inspect condition of oily bad news regularly

The proposal measures bad news oil the record to come down after travel every time, so that as soon as possible discovers oily bad news is not the account that adds normally, take corresponding step, reduce oily cost.

The cost that be like oil is a lot of higher than normal circumstance, should understanding is to be in when He De, why to plant when conditional be issued to lower levels sails, blame of oily bad news rises normally, so that fish reason.
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