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The service life that prolongs car and drive skill

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Choose benzine grade correctly

Some cars advocate think, car uses grade to jump over expensive gas to had been jumped over, the benzine of high grade can increase engine power. Actually this kind of view is unscientific, choose the benzine of high grade blindly, although can avoid engine generation to explode shake phenomenon, but the engine that high grade benzine distributes low compression ratio, often can change ignition time, cause carbon is accumulated to increase inside cylinder, use for a long time often can shorten engine life.

But if use the gas of grade on the low side, not only oily cost can raise 3 % left and right sides, and can cause engine cylinder and atomizer to accumulate carbon to increase, raise the fault rate of the car, add a car advocate upkeep costs. Want to choose the fuel of corresponding grade according to engine compression ratio so, want standard gas station feature to cheer.

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