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The 10 big risk of easy oversight in process of drive a vehicle

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Paralytic index: 5 dangerous indexes: 5

Measure: Look clear to come certainly when overtake car tendercy, do not follow cart overtake other cars on the road, wait for cart overtake to enter hind act again.

5, can encounter farmer air sometimes in rustic way wheat and because long road has side of brief broken Sha Lu. Because very short very much person is met,high speed is passed. This is breakneck. When average car has emergency, the person is met subliminal apply the brake or avoid shine, but the bronco that became bolt in the car on such road surface. The pose that can be less than in order to want, the direction that is less than to consider rushs out. Ever had a story, because this road surface produces an accident 5 days 3 cases, die 6 people.

Paralytic index: 3 dangerous indexes: 10

Clew: The influence that changes to road surface should have sober knowledge, ahead of schedule decelerate is adopted preventive measure, nip in the bud.

6, took very long hill way, in a paragraph longer, hollowness and when flat decline, decrease archives apply the brake, gravitation and equilibrium of apply the brake, the car glides downward with stable rate. This moment wants to be loosened, take the foot from apply the brake or accelerator mobile activity? Had better not, your foot lost frame of reference, danger is in go grow is dark long. If produce a situation suddenly, can you still step on the foot well and truly on apply the brake? If you are a novice, won't walk on accelerator?

Paralytic index: 2 dangerous indexes: 2

Expostulatory: Although your leg and foot are a bit tired, but still suggest they insist to be on battle station.

7, when the car before becoming you to be being mixed in the overtake on broad and gently highway is collateral, suddenly a car opposite side was gotten out from underground! The circumstance is such: This means both ends is flat, there is a trough however among. If be the slope that goes up, most person can be aware of, but eye of this kind of slope is met by deceptive! Similar the accident that causes because of landform appears in country slope road more, turn the crossing that deformation of and other places changes, the abrupt change of driver oversight landform causes. Here extend the meaning goes out " accident landform " concept. Ask great attention landform change circumstance, seasonable decelerate, must not be in because of oneself error stayed somewhere " the accident sends a section of a highway more " brand!

Paralytic index: 7 dangerous indexes 7

Proposal: If pressing his a respectful form of address for an old person " scan widely of scenery long appropriate is measured " , foster the acumen of pair of dangerous a sector of an area to feel hard.

8, general in urban highway everybody is opposite of traffic regulation or special caution. But never see that car is handed in on rustic highway compasses should return a responsibility, violate the rules and regulations drives frequent like blink. Why? Do not have a police! At this moment you can follow the general trend and loosened vigilance? Tell you, the police is ambuscading in a certain place, wait for you to go to in get! Of course, desolate and uninhabited place police won't go, the police still likes to have a partner, mix for instance examine car, what examine expends be in. Careful those who wear big top hat is OK. Still you leave very quickly the police also is not chased after on you. So the police can appear in a section of a highway relatively flourishing, speed is unhappy, the line of sight is bad, and you are worn urgently again when showing itself. At this moment your danger is loss 50-200 ocean.
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