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The 10 big risk of easy oversight in process of drive a vehicle

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Paralytic index: 10 dangerous indexes: 1

Expostulatory: The police is the person that appears when you want to be less than!

9, drive on suburb highway, if a cart follows closely, follow closely, whether to have the feeling of feel uneasy? If do not have, should regain consciousness. Emergency appeared in front, your Buddhist templeput on the brakes gets a car, does cart stop so that live? If do not swing cart (explain big speed spends very fast also) , best method is revolve to, decelerate, keep to the side, say to cart " you are asked first! Say to cart " you are asked first!!

Paralytic index: 5 dangerous indexes: 9

Expostulatory: Below coequal distance and speed, cart chases after the danger of end and harm degree to be more than a car far, if cannot pull open a distance with cart, follow cart rather, do not let cart follow.

10, the Gao Wei period of time in car travel is when overtake (speed is relatively fast, be apart from close) , danger is before the car discovers the case is abrupt towards the left avoids shine to the car after bringing about is squeezed or trace remaining part, this bit of most person can notice. Of easy oversight is here hind the somebody when Zun Xie of the car before the car is located in is rear or content from outside side cross highway, the car after support of the people cannot see each other, pedestrian haste traverses, car haste is quickened after, the pedestrian when waiting for appear of the car before exceeding just the car came out once upon a time. This Cun Jin catchs up with a pedestrian do not have means of subsistence. Before a few years of centrally ever saw such picture on the stage, the pedestrian is bumped into 2-3 rice is tall, in empty change trains 3 two, enrage on the spot absolutely. This kind of danger sees more go up at the quick way that closes partly, do not treat sth lightly please.

Paralytic index: 9 dangerous indexes: 8

Proposal: Turn to wrong way below safe distance, cry flute, pause a bit (prevent risk one) , come quickly with before Che Pingqi, make observation a bit again and exceed quickly (prevent risk 2) .

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