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And drive abusive say good-bye

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Risk factor: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Some men are used to be outfit of a few toy in jacket pocket, for instance mobile phone, key, pen or calling card place and so on, when driving if you also such, can bother a bit. For instance, encounter scram, your body is sure meeting acutely rushs ahead, below the action of safety belt, you are met by closely curb. In other words, safety belt is very big to the pressure of your body, right now, if you are in before the dress in wind bag,holding good thing, suffer very likely harm, for instance: Costal fracture. This can not be exaggerate sth just to scare people, you are fastened undeserved return a responsibility. Before driving so, jacket pocket in these are small fragmentary clear. The metal that fasten a department buckles belt

Risk factor: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Check your chatelaine now again, see settle on face whether the metal is buckled, if be, when you drive, the trouble changes. Leather belt is located in abdomen, be the place that safety belt passes. Once produce an accident, long and thin, the leather belt that contains a metal to buckle can be below the action of safety belt, press to your abdomen deeply, what damage you with respect to meeting aggravate so is splanchnic. Before driving, when driving long-distance car especially, change the belt that contains a metal to buckle, do not be afraid of a trouble oh. Sit chair must comfortable

Risk factor: ★ ★ ★

Change an individual to drive, should adjust inevitably namely sit the position of chair. So, before driving, for the car that to sitting chair can adjust, must adjust sit chair, let oneself sitting better off a bit. Get on next adjustment to sit chair, let the head still have the space of a fist at least from roof ministry. Around is adjusted, step on footplate of apply the brake to downward when the foot most in when, leg ministry still has bend certainly, at this moment sit chair around place is properer. The waist is propped up adjust, let sit chair props up a waist, when leaning backward, do not make the waist impending, can decrease so drive the exhaustion in the process.

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