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Novice start off grasps shift gears opportunity correctly

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The car is in travel, the driver should master well and truly " shift gears opportunity " . Add block premature or decrease had blocked evening, because engine power inadequacy causes transmission,be being met is to shake; Add had blocked evening or decrease block use time prematurely to grow too, and make fuel economy addle.

Suggest in shift gears process the rotate speed of use engine is relatively appropriate at present. Whether to because the rotate speed of engine reflected the torque of engine to export a worth,achieve the shift gears demand of gear-box, what because this proposal does not use the travelling speed of car,have shift gears opportunity is metric. And the rotate speed that suggests to use motor will decide equal shift gears opportunity.

Average car is in block from low speed when blocking shift gears to high speed, proposal engine rotate speed is in 2500 turn / or so minutes choice shift gears is relatively appropriate. The chance when because this suggests,choosing shift gears by the rotate speed of engine is better.

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