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It is good to breath out flying car to start old northeast strategy to hit advoc

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Draw near what buy the car, climax that use a car as 11 golden weeks gradually, an autumn car service that is about to begin maintains battle lets many car manufacturers begin rub one's fists and wipe one's palms-be eager for a fight, itch to try, send the price war that turn white-hot more more make later period car serves contain Troy to become the person that buy a car people the heat of the care.

As homebred small litter is own of brand tycoon

It is reported, this mobile area includes Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jilin not only 3 provinces, guo of special, Xi Lin straps the Wu Lanhao that still includes Inner Mongolia the eastpart part alliance, distant, promote An Meng, Hulun the area such as Bei Ermeng, predict know exactly about sth 10 thousand plan the user is indebted.

The flow that start serves, blank spot of fill network construction makes first task that breaths out strategy of flying car big northeast, breath out flying car to express, they will apply scientific concept with all one's strength, perfect the program position that serves a network energetically, the construction that reinforces 5s and Ci image checks the work, the form that serves in order to flow undertakes enclothe and fungible exercise temporarily its function, form with

Besides strengthening a network to build, starting rescuing service of 24 hours of round-the-clock cars also is this old northeast strategy medium important. Stem from the deepness consideration that spends to user satisfaction, breath out flying car to will organize all service business inside mobile area build rescuing service system, business of service of strict requirement is accomplished without special natural situation, must be in after receiving rescuing telephone call drive toward rescuing spot inside 1 hour, carry out rescuing flow strictly by the regulation. In the meantime, to the circumstance that 24 hours of insoluble problems or maintenance do not reach the designated position, breath out flying car to still decide to provide more close services such as car of ride instead of walk for the user, bring brand-new appreciation experience for consumer.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, near future of Ha Fei car this one major move, development will be stabilized continuously in the day that automobile group is in adumbrative Ha Fei to did not come not only, the light of the road of car of more adumbrative Chinese own brand develops prospect. Northeast is the cradle of Chinese auto industry, be born and the crackajack delegate that development expands to breath out flying car at this is Chinese nation auto industry more, ha Fei car is in the whole nation, produce base and sale network northeastly to have absolutely advantage especially, of old northeast strategy carry out smoothly will promote consumer to be spent to the reliability of Ha Fei car and satisfaction considerably not only, more make Ha Fei car is in of big northeast market live reach gain ability to get upgrading further.
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