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Does national electrified wire netting prepare to construct fill power station n

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"All the time since, have numerous home company ' go canvassing ' government sector, requirement we (national electrified wire netting) intervene actively come in the promotion of electric car. " chief did not tell a reporter to fill a power station in detail to build program and specific timetable related company of national electrified wire netting. Because, to governmental policymaker, what pay close attention to most is car of new energy resources the result that obtains between demonstrative carry date of departure. After that person, will become a government sector to make new encouragement the important basis of policy of car of new energy resources.

Of course, once company of national electrified wire netting starts electric car formally to fill the construction of network of power station whole nation, will naturally give had thrown in electric car domain gigantic endowment enterprise (if Biyadi mixes Shenzhen Zhejiang universal) eat below one " sth capable of comforting sb " . And understand according to the reporter, had thrown the company of civilian battalion car such as several yuan Biyadi and universal in domain of research and development of pure electric car, just about again and again " go canvassing " the typical delegate in the company team of national electrified wire netting.

Opportunity and risk coexist a person of extraordinary powers of car look forward to is betted pure dynamoelectric

Allow a company most of anxious is, before true implementation commercializes electric car, can estimate extensive investment without the person the opportunity cost of this domain has many tall.

Although be mixed in component domain abroad buying business to be done is wind unboiled water case, but universal marchs truckload of project stake is to commercialize the pure electric car with not clear perspective however. 1999, lu Guanqiu started electric car project sadly; Establish Zhejiang universal formally in March 2002 electric car develops a center; Begin universal to start project of cell of power of polymer lithium ion from 2002, buy Zhejiang through succeeding fine promote dust peaceful to restrain a company, introduced at that time the advanced batteries workmanship on the world; The limited company of versatile and electric car that reorganizationed 2005, it is the wholy-owned subsidiary of versatile group.

"Domain of research and development of motor-car of take root pure report is close already 10 years, break the capital that go down to also exceed several yuan (only project of construction of base of industrialization of versatile and electric car always invests a plan to be 800 million yuan of) , but up to now, we are connected ' birth certificate ' had not taken. " introduce according to controller of limited company of versatile and electric car, the pure electric car of versatile and own research and development charges add sails course of development already lengthened the 380 kilometers nowadays from the 280 kilometers 2006, and the lithium battery group that every car place provides cycling life already arrived 1500 times from 500 original promotion.
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