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Does national electrified wire netting prepare to construct fill power station n

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Of formal last year in November be born " car of new energy resources produces admittance government regulation " , become national hair to change appoint control investment of project of car of domestic new energy resources strictly " 15 doorsills " , the came on stage to increase an enterprise to use car field in pure report apparently investment risk of relevant policy. And when the technical risk of the enterprise of policy risk translate into when the outside, the end that means pure electric car to commercialize is more far.

"This year before the end of the year, motor-car of report of F3DM double standard will put Biyadi on the market. " Wang Jianjun of spokesman of news of car sale company tells Biyadi the reporter, ascending national industry to believe a ministry " new car catalog " before, electric car still needs this double standard of Biyadi to entrust the supervising of the orgnaization to fall in the government, the journey that completes 100 thousand kilometer tries " final examination " . And take new car only " birth certificate " , motor-car of report of F3DM double standard just calculates had " try water " the qualification of home market.

The reporter understands, since bought Xi'an Qin Chuan to march 2003 car domain begins, biyadi has used car research and development in report at present more than 1 billion yuan are thrown on the project, and new base always throws the Shenzhen that basically gives priority to with electric car production to will exceed 4 billion yuan.

One billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight capital flow to the China that defeat solution to overtake difficult problem

Biyadi and versatile group on project of pure electric car " a person of extraordinary powers is betted " , it is stake of look forward to of native land car merely " car of new energy resources " an epitome of the strategy. Because domestic auto industry is long-term on technology of traditional internal-combustion engine person of be enslaved to be enslaved to, the governmental policymakers that recall a painful experience accordingly are mixed home is truckload enterprise Dou Jiwang at passing the overtaking of technology of car of new energy resources, the difference that plays industry of close China automobile and transnational corporation to go up in the technology as far as possible.

Start in ministry of science and technology " 863 " electric car studies overall project program is medium, arranged clearly by Beijing grain industry college takes the lead develop pure dynamoelectric coach; Electric car limited company is in charge of Tianjin clear source development of pure electric car; Tsinghua university and the coach that load fuel cell respectively with aid university are developed with the car; Research center of Chinese car technology and the technology that one steam, east wind and strange luck are in charge of mixing motor vehicle tackle key problem.
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