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Does national electrified wire netting prepare to construct fill power station n

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The responsibility person of project of technology of new energy resources of company of some own brand car tells a reporter, be in whole " 15 " during, china is in the field of electric car research that includes pure electric car, mixture motor vehicle and hydrogenous motor vehicle to wait inside throws 2.4 billion yuan in all, "915 " during hopeful increases 5 billion yuan. And the fund that the government delivered Xiang Ran to expect alcohol produces a business directly 2006 is as high as many yuan 20, the expert predicts accordingly, "915 " during be in every year the finance allowance of respect of car of new energy resources will exceed one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan.

"General situation is, the business that drives by governmental subsidy invests, business investment often exceeds the double above that governmental subsidy forehead spends. " the view according to this controller, actually the enterprise delivers the fund to domain of research and development of car of new energy resources, make public the strength that give aid to at the government greatly far.

A typical case is, on some own brand cost 100 million yuan of research and development give the pure report motor-car that come, what carried department of national science and technology is in early 3 years ago check and accept, the technology has matured relatively, but postpone the consideration to the market without the success however. Because return the technical standard that does not have pure electric car at that time, the shop sign cannot attend in the branch that make a valve after new car put into production, and place of pure report motor-car needs fill the infrastructure such as power station network won't complete inside short time, also make pure report motor-car essential cannot be commercialized.

Apparent, mix in research and development of car of new energy resources commercialize an attempt to go up, company of native land car should solve technical problem above all, after this faces policy risk even. More those who let industry one's heart still fluttering with fear is, before the technology of new energy resources that choosing severally pays all application and gaining commercial income, they " stake " what technology and directional in the end change probably is a beautiful bubble (the country makes stop alcohol motor vehicle, ceng Rangyi approves an enterprise to invest) of spilt water cannot be gathered up again.

Review domestic and international situation, to electric car industrialization, the time that leaves domestic company and policy constitutor the consideration already not much.

According to abroad media coverage, the electric car that Israel and Japan hope to be made clear through formulate fills a power station to build a plan, help electric car home come true at an early date commercialize. Among them, israel plans to build network of the first electric car, build 500 thousand to fill a power station in Israel whole nation namely, use the first batch of electric cars at next year investment. Meanwhile, japanese government also expresses, will be in 3 years to popularize electric car built-in more than 1000 fill a power station.
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