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Does national electrified wire netting prepare to construct fill power station n

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This costs the strategic ante of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight, will matter to safety of national development, industry and enterprise destiny. Chinese electric car is commercialized already start off, nevertheless future still is an unknown.


Where is the advantage of electric car?

Electric car itself does not discharge contaminative atmospheric harmful gas, although press what conversion of place power consumption is power plant to discharge, outside dividing sulfur and particle, other contaminant also decreases significantly; Because the power plant is built at be far from the city with concentrated population mostly, less to human harm, and the power plant is fixed immobile, of concentration discharge, cleared all sorts of harmful emission are easier; And electric power can be obtained from a variety of the sources of energy, be like coal, nuclear energy, hydraulic etc, can remove the concern with dried up to with each passing day of oil natural resources people.

How is problem of electric car batteries solved?

Developing the difficulty that electric car faces is the energy that at present accumulator unit weight stores too little; Batteries price is more expensive; Through 10 old filtration, value ion of hydrogenous nickel batteries, lithium and lithium polymer batteries generally now. Lithium ion batteries is very hopeful batteries.

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