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Oil price shoots up, how choose and buy " economy car "

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National hair changed recently appoint announce, steam derv price promotes in the round, every tons go up panel height amounts to 1000 yuan, 90 97 93 date, benzine are date, average every litres rise in price be close to 1 yuan, go up a nearly 20 % . Develop in economic high speed today, car of a ride instead of walk has become the requisite that modern lives. So, how the car of ride instead of walk with an economy, substantial choose and buy? 1 of cloud of division of the economy that the reporter gets on with respect to domestic car market car, maritime space. n of 3 l , new antelope, Xiali 3 waited for a model to be done one time quite, integrated and theory, 1 of maritime space of Shanghai China general. 3 l with its luxurious atmospheric exterior is mixed configuration, exceed low oily cost and freeboard sex price to compare, more the favour that gets customer.
Luxurious air and economy
Oil price shoots up today, the small car that discharge an amount accepts favour more, but space of the small model that discharge an amount the blemish such as narrow-minded of narrow, appearance, cannot avoid from beginning to end however. The maritime space 1 that Shanghai China general rolls out. 3 l , with elegant air appearance, capacious interior space, all-around the rich and safe bodyguard, all ready configuration advantage that has intermediate car, puissant concussion 1 . Market of 3 l economy car, and price is 48888 yuan only, can satisfy daily family requirement not only, can suit the maritime space 1 of business affairs activity again. 3 l , luxurious air and economic material benefit are both hold concurrently.
Motive force is powerful and the province is oily
In dynamical system respect, economy car for managing cost, some manufacturer are cost with the dynamical sex of sacrificial engine and advanced sex, and the engine that car of Shanghai China general provides 4 crocks of 16 valve to carry buy biconvex axle on the head, use system of spray of report of h of c of s of German b o . 4 crocks of 16 valve carries the engine of buy biconvex axle on the head, it is current the car engine of the mainstream on international; And system of spray of report of h of c of s of German b o , criterion can quantity of eject of best control petrolic, make engine is below all sorts of operating mode, quantity of its electron fuel injection all can achieve groove, make capacity of oil of traffic waste time maintains forever in energy-saving condition, 1 of maritime space of Shanghai China general. Oil of 100 kilometers bad news measures speed per hour of 3 l economy to be only 4. 5 litres. China general car not only have powerful motive force, and economy saves oil, become its prospective laugh is proud the another killer mace of domestic litter market.
Education is good drive habit

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