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Oil price shoots up, how choose and buy " economy car "

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The choose and buy is material benefit of a price, oily the important facet that the car of ride instead of walk with low cost is be economical admittedly, but drive goodly habit, can be your managing and a good deal of oily money likewise.
It is new car is adjusted above all, it is in the course of 3000 kilometers travel with new car first start off, should notice control of speed per hour is in horary 80 kilometers less than, decrease as far as possible urgent quickly, slam the brakes on; It is reasonable next maintain car, be like: Every travel 5000 kilometers change the fittings such as air filter, benzine filter, engine oil filter; Check tyre pressure regularly; Meaningless load does not increase in mothball box and raise oily cost; Finally, education drives goodly habit, according to differring road condition choice drives reasonably condition, choose optimal opportunity shift gears, reduce idle fast condition is waited a moment.
Integrated above when, believe you are already right fall in the premise of current high oil price, those have oily waste time already price of low, sex compares high good point, the model that has characteristic of air of ample space, appearance again understands somewhat, also only such model ability suffers consumer to agree with truly.

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