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"Jin Jiuyin 10 " buy a car car of busy economic wing-rooms on either side of one

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   Fly newly degree Beautiful beautiful appearance

What this cropland rolled out 2008 is new fly degree, once be born because meantime is still beautiful beautiful the exterior gets a lot of cars advocate favour. The power of I-vtec engine 73kw, 5 fast hands move the configuration of gear-box and brake of four turntable type, the dynamical performance that also allows this car is unassailable, can satisfy the requirement that drives daily absolutely.

But the space inside this car is not particularly big. But handsome to it appearance, suit woman car more advocate driving fixed position will tell, dimensional regret also is not especially other and apparent.

Eighty-three thousand eight hundred - the 12.98 price between have some of on the high side probably in economy car, the friend that fastens a car to doting on day because of this car will stress very right still choice.

   Triumphant jump over Hrv Come from Euramerican

Although triumphant jumping over Hrv had been Shanghai general the model that rolled out 2006, but because its are in the excellent performance of many respects, still having pretty good market outstanding achievement up to now.

Triumphant jumped over Hrv luxurious edition to assemble horn of system of dermal seat, safe system, guard against theft, 2-din6 high-grade sound system, player of 6cd of type of the buy inside its In-dash and have servo of the demodulation of double intermediate frequency that fights a mobile phone to disturb a function, digitlization to handle a technology to wait, apply first in the car that be the same as class. In addition, ⅲ of the wheelbase of 2600mm, country / the strategy of the arranges kilometer of standard, 6.7l/100 oily waste time of ⅳ , 78kw lets this car do not let him in a bit on function paragraph. Of course, ninety-six thousand eight hundred - one hundred and twenty-two thousand eight hundred yuan price also is 3 models in highest.

Overall say, wonderful confused shows the it may be said of market of both sides car this year. Among them heat model, popular model also is by no means only these 3, but without doubt is these 3 models have certain delegate sense absolutely. They all can become one of masterpiece of day of department, own brand and Euramerican model.

Hope everybody adopts these 3 models, search oneself satisfactory both sides car, also not try in vain " Jin Jiuyin 10 " a such big inning that buy a car.

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