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Buy a car 3 months are discarded as useless compulsively namely car advocate ang

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What just bought 3 months is secondhand Pu Sang was discarded as useless compulsively, for this car advocate Mr Li one paper indictment told car trading company the court, the car that both sides of request court cancel signs makes over an agreement, return the money that return a vehicle 31000 yuan, according to consumer rights and interests protective law compensates for 31000 yuan, sentence your carry out advocate recoup each loss 5920 yuan. On September 8, the both sides below the mediation that saves court of people of division of grave of Suzhou city tiger in Jiangsu talks things over settled this dispute.

Mr Li appeals to say: On January 21, 2008, the car that concealed its place to offer in car trading company is about to discard as useless compulsively below the circumstance of real message, he and trading company were signed " car makes over agreement " , car trading company sold him car of a Sang Dana with 31000 yuan price. He to the trading company paid total cost, but car trading company does not have this car at that time " motor vehicle registers certificate " deliver to him, and just gave this the car " card of motor vehicle travel " , let him drive car. The trading company below the in him requirement after 5 days just " motor vehicle registers certificate " give he.

He entrusted a garage to go on April 30 check car, when steam repairs a factory to sent a car tubal place yearly check car on May 4, be mixed by the travel testimony that car canal withheld a car relevant certificate, be enforced to cancel already through inquiring other places knows this car. Flower 30 thousand multivariate and redemptive the car that come used 3 months zero days only, mr Li just knew self interest to be damaged so far, accordingly angrily he told the trading company the court.

Car trading company says in the argue on the court, mr Li had known perfectly well the circumstance of car when buying a car, car section is 31000 yuan, if be normal car affirmation is more than this price; The car is when consign, be the condition that accords with buying and selling, the trading company did not cheat the behavior of Mr Li. Mr Li is had and used this car period of time; Because this case is not applicable " consumer rights and interests protects a law " .

Forensic cognizance undertook intercessory to both sides after this case, ultimate car trading company agrees with 25000 yuan to recoup Mr Li loss, mr Li is in charge of delivering to this car the trading company, by the trading company conduction car discards as useless formalities, earning money puts in a trading company 's charge all.

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