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"Combustion " major key of your oily bad news of netizen of moneybag ten million

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Oil price from low arrive tall, it is a level that the consumer in every mature market must experience. Because of oil natural resources cannot second birth sex, we also greeted times of high oil price inevitably. For this, old standard car is right broad car advocate did an oily bad news to investigate, discover through investigating us, car advocate trouble is true many. To the car advocate, fuel expenses is the area is occupied in the maintenance that raise a car the biggest, a when make a person feel distressed most.

"Burn " your moneybag


Face climb the oil price that raise ceaselessly, car advocate whether is the pocket " catch fire " ? Well-known, same money car is in different car advocate on the hand, walk on different road surface, in different level maintain on... oily situation of its bad news is different. Nowadays, we from now on in second investigation, look how many car is " burn " master pocket, how many car is " side " car advocate be economical?

"Merciless car " -- allow a car advocate the pocket is infinite " combustion "

"Combustion! My microcosmic " -- want " arrow of holy fighter star " in if letting person hearten this sentence, will describe a car nowadays advocate what charge faces when raising a car is helpless the tune is most right. Just it lets person hearten no longer, however car advocate one kind when face charge of high specified number but from ridicule. Carry investigation, the following kinds of models are belonged to serious " combustion " model.

"Burn " your moneybag

"Faithful car " -- allow a car advocate pocket " safe and sound "

Review from elementary school politics knows, aught has sex of its two sides. The society is such, che Yiru this. The world of the car, not be each car can be gotten on by be used to " big stomach king " , " merciless car " ... the name that these making that buy car person to sense infinite trouble. Still have many cars advocate using love car while, also enjoy the filar silk that brings to oneself to this car to comfort. In 10 thousand cars advocate in investigation, we discover those replace a car advocate of be economical " faithful car " .

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