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Policy respect unlocks two handcart gradually will more prosperous than new car

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The expert foreknows, the car retains after the quantity reachs certain level, two handcart trade inevitable and arisen. And when new car sale is in trough, to the enterprise, two handcart market makes new profit point of growth. The brisk rate of two handcart market can trade with outclass new car the market, this is two handcart market one of rapid growth inevitable phenomenon, its reason is:

One of, buy two handcart low-cost, the labour firewood that suits broad and inferior income particularly a group of things with common features. These people have intense car dream, but of income of suffer from economy " bashful " , can do only " two handcart dream " . According to investigation, the customer that buys two handcart at present has probably a few kinds, bought a car 2 times of the family to occupy among them 45 into, was to just took a driver's license to buy two handcart to let what he are familiar with start off occupy next 2 into the left and right sides, still a few is mix when the taxi go out of the journey held one share.

Secondly, "Transfer times " be vividly portrayed. Common law is, a new car is used 5, after 6 years, will 75% enter two handcart market. 2002 ~ 2003 is Chinese car market " blowout " period, quantity of produce and sale of our country car added 350 thousand completely 2002. If transfer according to international periodic year plan, 2008, by automobile industry praise be two handcart " displacement year " . Plus one part " 3 handcart " , " 4 handcart " , the expert predicts the customer that there were 30% aboves 2008 has the demand of displacement. Transferring scale is rising, two handcart trade hopeful innovation is tall, and this is planted momentum will continue at this point longer period of time.

Thirdly, chinese income gap is pulled big this one trend will last for a long time, be in at least in the future 5 - inside 10 years won't changeover. The Chinese's car also will meet henceforth " polarization " : Wealthy person buys new car, qian Shaoren buys two handcart, money is fewer person will buy course car to rebuild all right " 3 handcart " , " 4 handcart " , till discard as useless. This one phenomenon, more and more apparent also now.

Its 4, country and local policy also produced main effect to two handcart market, this makes people delivers more view to two handcart market. Unlock two handcart to manage stage by stage make the main way that two handcart market will develop henceforth. The country rolled out new car consumption tax this year in September, what big platoon measures two handcart is stimulate to trade before this. In addition the promotion of quality of environmental protection of Beijing Shanghai and other places, what promote urban car on one hand is newer, on the other hand big city falls into disuse come down the two hand car with car better condition, underdeveloped to economy area has certain appeal, those who quickened these pair of areas is current. At the same time foreign trader and civilian battalion capital value the development latent capacity of two handcart market, for market infuse new vitality.
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