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Car danger is malign price war will be restricted

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Insurance cost is serious disloyal or by revoke licence

This year on August 27, in the audit working report of audit arrange, announced a Chinese to protect group and existence of Chinese reinsurance group to violate the problem such as compasses depress premium rate badly. According to plan, if create insurance cost income to taking all sorts of steps serious truthless, will give stop to accept new business at least 6 months, instruct dismiss the provide personnel high and fines lawfully administration punishment that has direct responsibility, the revoke with serious clue manages insurance Wu licence.

Because calamity frequency is sent this year, the solvency of money risk company is led amply appear to glide apparently, announce this " plan " special aggrandizement the superintendency to solvency. Enough to solvency rate does not amount to the company of mark, the meeting that keep watch will adopt limitation to add the measure such as the branch to have a standard. The meeting that keep watch still will be built insurance device and from personnel of course of study bad record information shares a mechanism.

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