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9 into the car advocate do not understand hand in strong danger car to be bumped

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Occurrence traffic remembers seasonable connection insurance company sincerely when the accident
From the year before last year our country carried out compulsory insurance of liability of accident of motor vehicle traffic compulsively on July 1 (make strong narrow pass) up to now, already close one year time went. But reporter from Fosan center of each great after service understood recently, so far, still 9 adults do not understand make strong narrow pass, become nearly without duty square car advocate because was not declared in time, need bears 400 yuan of cost that purchase the insurance company that joins strong danger to just be compensated for to cause trouble by place originally.
Case: 4Do not declare inside 8 hours
Hand in strong danger to draw out a bag for the other side
Recently, car advocate bilked a gentleman to encounter indescribable unlucky, not only the car was bumped into, and upkeep costs is even conceited. He is cautious on the driveway ground travel, encountered another car chases after end barge against actually. After classics policeman is handled, the other side bears full responsibility. Because be bumped into,not be very serious, the ability after bilking a gentleman two days remands the car 4s inn undertakes maintaining, upkeep costs 800 yuan. Should bilk a gentleman to deliver receipt just all alone by cause trouble when compensate, the other side compensate 400 yuan. Because the car of the other side also caused a loss,the reason is, although both sides was bought,make strong narrow pass, but bilk a gentleman to not was in 48 hours to buy the insurance company that joins strong danger to be cause trouble to just apply for to compensate for to him place, brought about what oneself are the other side to pay foot a bill of strong danger compensate finally.
9 adults do not understand make strong narrow pass
Reporter from Fosan center of each great after service understands, had had similar those who bilk a gentleman to encounter likewise is not minority, the phenomenon that compensates for from dig down because of understanding to make strong narrow pass and be brought about is very common. The reporter adds up to blessing car to sell service company to obtain a group of data that let a person be surprised from Fosan Nanhai, from last year on July 1 up to now, have occurrence car of many 100 car advocate without duty traffic accident opens factory of manage of return sth for repairs to maintain, more than 9 adults are sending a car to when repairing a factory to maintain, still did not report a case to the security authorities to insurance company, for cause trouble square application hands in strong danger to compensate for. Great majority car advocate be in the personnel after the car makes work how-to below, just report a case to the security authorities to insurance company. Occupy the statistical data of this company to make clear, the car of about 10% advocate because do not have,report a case to the security authorities in 48 hours of indrawn insurance company, and bring about cannot demand the compensation that pays strong danger for cause trouble car. Above is not had duty square as a result of not original intention pays 400 yuan for the other side from dig down, both sides often appears for this compensatory dispute.
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