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9 into the car advocate do not understand hand in strong danger car to be bumped

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The reporter serves a company to understand in other car, major car advocate still do not understand up to now make strong narrow pass, also do not understand why to be had duty just strive for claim for compensation through dealing with all sorts of trival formalities to be the other side even.
Yan Ke of chief of department of risk of some car vehicle tells a reporter originally, often have many cars advocate to not have duty be compensated for even and burst into fury. Yan Ke points out originally, many cars advocate very fathomless act of this one compensation. Because numerous consumer does not have professional knowledge, they have only more very much after eating to have a deficit, just go understanding the content that makes strong narrow pass.
Without duty also must report a case to the security authorities claim for compensation
Yan Ke introduces originally, in recent years, people buys safe consciousness to rise apparently. To all sorts of new cars, the car of the majority advocate metropolis choice buys all sorts of insurance. But as a result of the car advocate the insurance knowledge that does not have major, the proposal is in when producing attrition and occurrence traffic accident, if where manages,enquire. It is in order to make strong narrow pass exemple, car advocate should report a case to the security authorities in time only, compensatory charge can pay by insurance company entirely, can avoid all sorts of dispute completely to appear.
Those who be worth to remind is, is different also. Buy follow-up of the member that car danger had better have professional underwriter, bring about insurance claim for compensation easily not to succeed otherwise.
Unscramble make strong narrow pass
Compulsory insurance of liability of accident of motor vehicle traffic (abbreviation " make strong narrow pass " ) it is the compulsory insurance system that our country implements first times by state law regulation. " byelaw " regulation: Making strong narrow pass is to be being produced by safety motor-car by insurance company road transportation accident creates a victim (do not include this car personnel and insurant) loss of person casualties, belongings, give inside liability limit of compensation mandatory responsibility is safe.
E.g. , Two cars produce Jia Yi collision, armour car ought to in full charge, bilateral car each loss 2000 yuan. If according to former business 3 person danger " have duty compensate pays " principle, second car does not need to assume any compensation, complete duty the insurance company of square Party A should be in charge of be out of pocket.
After handing in strong risk system to apply compulsively, car of even if second is not had duty, it or need recoup money of armour car brushstroke. The basis hands in strong risk rules, hand in strong danger to execute " compensate for without fault " , without duty one answers to recoup the loss of cause trouble car inside 400 yuan of limitation. Although be not had completely duty also want compensate 400 yuan, this money is assumed finally by insurance company. And armour car must to second car highest compensate pays 2000 yuan of cars damage. The personage inside course of study points out, execute making strong risk system is through state law everybody of compulsive motor vehicle or administrative person buy corresponding responsibility to be sure, in order to rise 3 duty of danger cast protect an area, offer for traffic accident victim on the oldest rate mix in time basic safeguard. Car advocate the rights and interests that is him safeguard, should report a case to the security authorities in time, because derate is not had duty the compensatory issue that creates.
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