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" antitrust law " carry out make a month: Look very beautiful

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To on September 1, " antitrust law " had carried out full a month. Be in " antitrust law " before coming on stage, a lot of consumer stem from pair of prices, area to unlock expect and defer buys a car. But, carry out a month, have Ford of cropland of wide steam abundant, Chang'an only actually Ma Zida and Shanghai are general 3 manufacturer and banner issued agency to make answer.

" antitrust law " brings effect, what imagine without consumer actually is good in that way.

The current situation 1: Lowest price limit unlocks consumer however cannot low buys a car

After August 1, horse of Ford of cropland of abundant of general, wide steam and Chang'an amounts to Shanghai to express to unlock the price to restrict in succession oneself. These 3 manufacturer make known his position clearly, do not set price restriction, and implement proposal price to agency only. For this, after preparing equal in value case to be unlocked thoroughly immediately, many consumer that prepare to buy a car buy a car again. But a month went, besides the price appears to glide after policy just began to execute, the price posture of the model below banner of these 3 manufacturer begins run however smooth.

Agency price yields clue of benefit know how things stand and feel confident of handling them

Reporter discovery, from " antitrust law " after executing, the price of beautiful luck and Fox has undertaken the Ceng Duikai after besides wide steam abundant Tian Hechang installs the agency that Ford horse amounts to oneself to apply in policy adjust outside, other the position that if the price of the model such as Mengdiou is maintaining from beginning to end however,compares stability. Classics reporter understands after, kaimeirui and Fox undertake the price is adjusted, be about to appear on the market with new fund, old money clear library has very big concern.

"I think Mai Zhisheng all the time, want to look originally " antitrust law " whether can after coming on stage, the value change somewhat, " consumer king gentleman says, "But be in " antitrust law " after coming on stage, the car price over there agency did not glide quickly from beginning to end however. " but to the price go situation, the staff member of inn of a 4S of Shanghai expresses, calculate the price to unlock, agency also affirms those who have his to depreciate interval, throw into confusion the price impossibly at will, "Serve as agency after all or give priority to in order to seek profit, the price falls impossibly also to sell the condition of the car to lose money in business. The price falls impossibly also to sell the condition of the car to lose money in business..

Agency is hanged impossibly sell a car

In fact, after unlocking the price to restrict, calculate agency to think low sells a car but still should get the limitation of other in many ways.
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