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" antitrust law " carry out make a month: Look very beautiful

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The vise general manager of inn of a 4S of Shanghai expresses, calculated manufacturer to unlock price limitation at present, but agency raises car price still is the valorize according to manufacturer will carry out. After the money convert that also agency returns manufacturer a little bit receives bicycle price, can have a lower car price, but this also is their bottom line, again cannot low.

"If a carry out price of agency cause relevant legal problem likely still under purchase price. " a manager of 4S inn expresses, if the price of agency falls too lowly, with the brand, with region of section of the market inside additional a few agency are sure meeting combination rises undertake boycott, can bring about legal dispute even. "After all " oppose unfair competition law " in the price action that relevant provision restrains the market to go up. " relevant personnel expresses, calculate manufacturer to unlock price fixing, still have other relevant provisions or it is guild regulations can restrict the agency on the market to compete without foreword.

The current situation 2: Unlock area to sell 100 Che Chong to hit nonlocal market

" antitrust law " after coming on stage, the message says, shanghai is general " comply with " antitrust law " , cancelled area to sell limitation " . About this one message, ever caused the attention of numerous home media for a time at that time, when the reporter is being interviewed, can discover in fact, so called unlocking area to sell is not an imagination is so simple.

Large quantities of models sell past other place

In receive Shanghai general after unlocking area to sell limitation, shanghai's general agency develops relevant activity immediately. The reporter understands, shanghai is general fasten Ke Mou ground inn of a 4S was made immediately " sell the car outside market " decision. The chief of its market department says: "Sell a car to arrive other place, itself is to pour sales volume, we have the medium of communication of this respect, natural meeting is more successful. " and after taking this sale step that sells past other place, this 4S inn is in what just went in August, finished oneself sale job smoothly.

Although many agency are staring at market of close other place, the problem that can also partial agency considers cost did not act immediately. These agency think, although can rise to pound the action of the market,sell an other place the car, but raise the pay such as manpower cost, carriage cost, whether can bring profit, return at present cannot from sales volume of only August month go see in situation.

Dumping of manufacturer monitoring agency

Notable is, no matter whether agency expands his market limits, the step that manufacturer has begun to sell past other place in great quantities to agency however undertook intervention.

Disclose according to relevant personnel, this agency that sells 100 outside cars had received the announcement of manufacturer, requirement agency controls nonlocal sale appropriately.
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