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" antitrust law " carry out make a month: Look very beautiful

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To this view, the relevant personage of ministry of Shanghai current public relations says when accepting a reporter to interview, "Shanghai is general never had limitted area sale, " antitrust law " after carrying out, just make sell area to become wider. " antitrust law " after carrying out, just make sell area to become wider..

Nevertheless, the personage inside course of study also discloses, any manufacturer can undertake strict monitoring to the trend of the product, after unlocking area to restrict especially, whether can the car that manufacturer needs seasonable understanding to cross area to sell more is opposite 4S inn of place forms the price to pound. If be formed really " dumping " , so the profit that manufacturer can take relevant measure to protect local agency.

"The car price of Shanghai area and Beijing market is at present common on the low side, if sell past other place, affirmative meeting produces impact to local market. " this personage discloses.

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