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The Anhui province " secondhand the car quantifies appraisal to evaluate a metho

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Consulting domestic and international on the foundation of the main theory that at present the car evaluates and method, through 16 months hardships and tackle key problem deep, the first two handcart appraisal of our country evaluates provincial standard to came on stage in the Anhui province a few days ago. As we have learned, detect by car of the Anhui province the unit such as center and Anhui university weaves " secondhand the car quantifies appraisal to evaluate a method " not long ago is evaluated through the expert, promulgate at saving quality technology supervisory bureau by this recently, at the same time the software of this standard develops the job to also had been finished.

Be in our country, it is difficult that two handcarts appraisal is evaluated it is the biggest worry that consumer buys two handcart all the time. Because do not have uniform standard at present, basically rely on those who have experience to evaluate division soon, ear listens, the hand is felt have identification, assessment optional sex, uncertainty reduced the consumer credit to operator, make them secondhand to buying and selling the car was full of suspect and dread. Especially the safety performance of two handcart, environmental protection controls function and fuel economic performance to wait not to undertake quantifying detecting assuring very hard. Accordingly, the appraisal of oneness, scientific sex, maneuverability evaluates a standard make, had been a task of top priority that the industry grows.

The expert that weaves according to participating in this standard introduces, two handcart quantify the purpose that appraisal evaluates, calculate well and truly namely the dated sex that gives two handcart devalues numeric, of the value that reachs it continues to use or market trade the price. And the dated sex of two handcart devalues is comprise by 3 parts: Hypostatic sex devalues, functional sex devalues and economy devalues. Hypostatic sex devalues because car noumenon uses what form with natural loss for a long time to devalue,point to; Functional sex devalues to be divided again devalue to carry with battalion sexual function devalues for one-time function two parts, one-time devalueing is to point to same car its recover from an illness the difference of cost and replacement cost, and battalion carries sexual function devalues is to point to with consult the difference of cost of car battalion carry; Economy devalues is devalue by what exterior element causes, main show carries in battalion of cost what rise or cause a car is unused. Above devalues 3 kinds the dated sex that the sum is two handcart devalues.

Will tell commonly, the method that two handcart value evaluates has 4 kinds, detect this by car of the Anhui province the unit such as the center weaves " secondhand the car quantifies appraisal to evaluate a method " , after evaluating a method to make calculate and be compared in great quantities to 4 kinds, evaluate computational method basically what chose replacement cost-or-market method to serve as two handcart. Because replacement cost-or-market method is had gather material information convenient, the operation is simple, facilitate quantify, evaluate two handcart of our country of academic press close to the advantage such as actual state, because this suits more,evaluate medium applying surely in two handcart ancient bronze mirror. It is at the same time on the choice of method of calculation of two handcart allowance for depreciation, also made calculate and be compared in great quantities, the law of use time sue for peace in choosing to quicken depreciation law on the foundation here is calculated to undertaking into new rate; Also made calculate and be compared in great quantities in aspect of time of use fixed number of year, give out with year, with the month, with day the computational form of 3 kinds of quantum of time, make computational error drops, this is in home also is first time; Additional, coefficient and weight are amended in two handcart of two parameter choose on, this standard is premise with the actor bad of specifications, the grade that made sure the specifications with two handcart undertakes for the center differentiates and the size of weight numerical value, belong to domestic initiate.
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