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Hubei car decides caustic to improve long-range monitoring work efficiency

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Car decides caustic general to be able to carry out long-range monitoring after, the member that decide caustic can never leave home to be able to complete manage compensate work easily. Recently, the know on forum of business car height serves in Hubei car, car insurance decides caustic remotely communal platform reachs his outspread application, can improve work efficiency greatly, reduce business risk.

As we have learned, centralized management, one-stop the car insurance of the service decides caustic remotely communal platform reachs his outspread application, got of numerous businessman approbate extensively, end at present, already many insurance company and maintenance depot of vehicle left to try move, got level positive result. In the meantime, the effective tool that regards prospective car as insurance manage compensate and development trend, also can let me save broad car advocate have the aid of this platform, enjoy two handcart to be evaluated remotely, auction and each complete entrant service.

Besides, delegate attending the meeting also still undertakes to car service with all possible means " steam of arteries and veins " . Embellish of BG China Wuhan China controller of Electromechanical equipment company emphasizes, the profit that car conserve brings already made the profit point of growth of inn of each car 4S, but because this industry doorsill is inferior, at present the market is put in more non-standard phenomenon, remind consumer to should select a product the enterprise with rich, after service and excellent technology, avoid to be in an unfavorable situation be duped.

It is reported, current peak forum, it is the organization that saves two handcart him industry by Hubei " Hubei saves two handcart to trade guild " branch of agency of guild of associated Wuhan car and branch of Chinese telegraphic Hubei, Wuhan Beisiteji embellish of Wuhan of China of group, BG China Electromechanical equipment.

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