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The Fujian Province since September 1 unites danger of solid drive a vehicle " s

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Begin from September 1, each property insurance company will unite the Fujian Province danger of solid drive a vehicle " see expenses exceeds sheet " system. Specific for, the business of individual car risk of the Fujian Province, will block pay insurance cost through brushing a bank (duty of the boat that contain a car) ; Check of unit business need turns Zhang arrives after insurance company account, insurance company ability prints insurance policy. The business that all intermediary sell and the business that the phone sells, the ability after also wanting insurance cost to arrive at insurance company account obtains policy of insurance.

Say simply, henceforth, car risk business only one-time pay ability of total insurance cost takes guarantee slip, the practice that the sort of capture after giving sheet first expended in the past will not answer exist.

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Industry: Delay hands in insurance cost to cause a variety of hardship

Yan Xiaogang secretary-general tells a reporter, all along of market of car danger competition is unusually intense, accordingly, a lot of insurance company adopt the way that makes insurance cost with delay to contend for snatch a client. So " give sheet first, hind capture is expended " the bad habit that regulation developed a client to default insurance cost gradually not only, also created insurance company house of receivable insurance cost does not fall high, form the management venture of insurance cost bad Zhang even. The insurance contract dispute that causes accordingly also exists from time to tome. In addition, because most guarantee slip is before pay insurance cost already become effective, some insurance clerk or orgnaization of intermediary of small-sized car danger lend machine general the car advocate the insurance cost privately of pay is held back, with obtain undeserved interest. "If say to guarantee slip goes out again after pay insurance cost, these undesirable elements do not have an opportunity given by. These undesirable elements do not have an opportunity given by..

Prevenient give sheet, again below this kind of condition that capture expends, the manage compensate service of car danger already was the problem on capital not just, also got even the service embroil. Yan Xiaogang explains, to insurance company character, although insurance cost did not arrive in time Zhang, but car danger guarantee slip already become effective, so, insurance company must assume corresponding insurance responsibility. But if partial insurance company is receivable insurance cost scale is exorbitant, lack direct business to prop up again, can appear the case that cash flow resistance decides, reparations of immediate impact insurance pays rate. Disclose according to controller of some insurance company, last year, the hidden trouble with client manage slow compensate already saw symptom of a trend first, car advocate the interest is being browbeaten badly.
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