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Strange luck - QQ - 1.1L is comfortable model

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Brand model: Strange luck - QQ - 1.1L is comfortable model
Go up card a particular year: 2006-06 price: ¥ 25 thousand yuan
Travel course of development: 40 thousand kilometer
Car color: Maize yearly check expires time:
Cost of maintain a road expires time: Insurance expires time:
Trade area: Shanghai / south ground of census register of the car that collect an area: Shanghai / south collect an area
Contact: Mr Qiu connects a telephone call: 15821005508
Car condition etc describes: 6 years QQ1.1L car does not have an accident very newly still common very cherish the change the name of owner in a register of good Shanghai formalities that maintain to turn book
Referenced configuration: Automobile body type: 2 compartment seating: 5 quantities: 1.1L transmission: Cubage of 1 gasoline tank: 45 discharge a standard: Country II
Gasbag of driver's seat safety
Inside car of guard against theft of electron of gasbag of safety of deputy driver's seat in ABS accusing a lock is prevented hold dynamoelectric scuttle in the arms dead to be the same as hub of aluminium alloy of lubricious rearview mirror
Rearview mirror of window of motor-car of the report after window of motor-car of the report before MP3 supports system of loudspeaker of horn of odd dish CD 4-5 prevents blindfold hand to move air conditioning

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