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The Great Wall - Sai Fu - two drive CC6460D

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Brand model: The Great Wall - Sai Fu - two drive CC6460D
Go up card a particular year: 2004-02 price: ¥ 37 thousand yuan
Travel course of development: 80 thousand kilometer
Car color: Black yearly check expires time: 2010-02
Cost of maintain a road expires time: 2008-09 is sure to expire time: 2008-09
Trade area: Shanghai / ground of census register of car of general Tuo division: Zhejiang / Hangzhou city
Businessman name: Shanghai dragon amounts to address of limited company of broker of old motor vehicle: Road of east of Pudong new developed area 1900
Contact: Mr Pang connects a telephone call: 15921255518
Car condition etc describes: Illicit home car drives in Shanghai besides had maintained complete without collision formalities transfer ownership turns book all but
Referenced configuration: Automobile body type: Both sides seating: 5 quantities: Cubage of 2.2L gasoline tank: 64
Inside the car in accuse a lock
ABS is prevented hold dynamoelectric scuttle in the arms dead to be the same as derma of lubricious rearview mirror CD of seat odd dish

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