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Dragon of iron of east wind snow - Picasso - 1.6

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Brand model: Dragon of iron of east wind snow - Picasso - 1.6
Go up card a particular year: 2003-09 price: ¥ sixty-two thousand eight hundred yuan
Travel course of development: 100 thousand kilometer
Car color: Silver grey yearly check expires time: 2008-08
Cost of maintain a road expires time: 2008-08 is sure to expire time: 2008-08
Trade area: Shanghai / ground of census register of car of division length peace: Shanghai / area length peace
Businessman name: 10 thousand horse cars of Shanghai sell limited company address: Road of Shanghai drive bridge 1441
Contact: Li Xiaoting connects a telephone call: 02150613556
Car condition etc describes: 3 years September Picasso, collide without size, car condition is very good, very the province is oily, the urban district 7, high speed 5.5. Silver grey is lubricious, and what produce now is different, there is control key on steering wheel (present without) , gasbag, ABS, dynamoelectric window, dynamoelectric rearview mirror, shanghai license plate, change the name of owner in a register, turn book all but, smooth car 62800 sell, check car arrives 2010, solid car takes the picture, detail report 13651781976
Referenced configuration: Seating: 5 quantities: 1.6L discharges a standard: Europe Ⅲ
Electronic guard against theft
Inside the car in ABS accusing a lock is prevented hold dynamoelectric scuttle in the arms dead to decide CD of fast cruise odd dish

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