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Shanghai masses - Sangdana - 2000 timeses are preterhuman

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Brand model: Shanghai masses - Sangdana - 2000 timeses are preterhuman
Go up card a particular year: 2004-03 price: ¥ 62 thousand yuan
Travel course of development: 83 thousand kilometer
Car color: Black yearly check expires time: 2009-10
Cost of maintain a road expires time: 2008-09 is sure to expire time: 2008-09
Trade area: Shanghai / ground of census register of car of brake north division: Shanghai / brake north area
Businessman name: Shanghai bright into address of limited company of broker of old motor vehicle: Shanghai republican new way 3550 202 rooms
Contact: Mr Zhang connects a telephone call: 02166315703
Car condition etc describes: In March 2004, automatic archives, illicit car does not have an accident, electric car window / rearview mirror, dermal seat, CD/FM, this price does not contain license plate.
Referenced configuration: Automobile body type: 3 compartment seating: 5 quantities: 1.8L transmission: Cubage of 1 gasoline tank: 60
Turn to the car that help strength inside in window of motor-car of the report after ABS accusing a lock prevents window of motor-car of the report before central rider taking after holding seat of derma of hub of dead aluminium alloy in the arms
Rearview mirror prevents blindfold hand to move air conditioning

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