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Shanghai is general - Jun Wei - GL2.5

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Brand model: Shanghai is general - Jun Wei - GL2.5
Go up card a particular year: 2004-04 price: ¥ 102 thousand yuan
Travel course of development: 90 thousand kilometer
Car color: Black yearly check expires time: 2009-04
Cost of maintain a road expires time: 2008-12 is sure to expire time:
Trade area: Shanghai / ground of census register of car of brake north division: Shanghai / brake north area
Contact: Mr Feng connects a telephone call: 13524201447
Car condition etc describes: Jun Wei 2.5 take scuttle from the platoon, car condition is good, but change the name of owner in a register turns book. Just had issued rain, the car did not wash the picture that take, solid car is very beautiful. This price does not contain Shanghai shop sign.
Referenced configuration: Automobile body type: 3 compartment seating: 5 quantities: 2.5L transmission: Cubage of 2 gasoline tank: 72 discharge a standard: Europe Ⅱ
Gasbag of driver's seat safety
Inside car of guard against theft of electron of gasbag of safety of deputy driver's seat in ABS of key of remote control accusing a lock is prevented hold stillborn foetus in the arms to control monitoring and warning device dynamoelectric scuttle
The rearview mirror that be the same as color is prevented with color brush a derma of aluminium alloy hub steering wheel steering wheel moves section steering wheel up and down around adjustment decides fast cruise
Berth car assists discretion of dermal seat seat to move section waist to prop up adjust seat of in front of is dynamoelectric adjust armrest hind takes the rider central in the center of front seat
Cup of in front of wears back row the fog lamp after the fog lamp before system of loudspeaker of horn of 6-7 of converter of CD of much dish of screen of stage liquid crystal controlling in cup wearing
Before window of motor-car of the report after electric car window prevents the function that place a hand rearview mirror of dynamoelectric rearview mirror heats rearview mirror prevents blindfold sunshade board makes up lens
Backlash of automatic air conditioning gives wind gap

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