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New car prepares for war Jin Jiubo and general of two handcart markets are small

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Peaceful wave road is numerous source of the car inside two handcart market is adequate in order to prepare for war September


  1. Small platoon measures two handcart privilege in thousands of yuan

"Below the setting that rises continuously in oil price, the small car that discharge an amount sells well gradually rise, september in the firty few days, 1.6l and the two handcart price that discharge an amount below fall 89 yuan of money are normal, 339 yuan also some, basically looking is popular model, car age, car condition is like what kind. " peaceful wave road is numerous two handcart are managed door tell a reporter, the auspicious King Kong in her hand 1.5 hands move 3 wing basic model this month should fall 3000 yuan of two money sold. And the force in city of the wave that occupy peace is secondhand car senior evaluate division introduction, this month of 1.6l~1.8l in small platoon measures two handcart privilege range is bigger, one year 1.6 hands move a Yasailatu of car age basic model dropped 3000 yuan or so. The card collect of the portion was pulled in November 2007 1.8 block the luxurious edition that brings scuttle automatically, because new August car moves price range to amount to on 10 thousand yuan, this model part clinchs a deal this month valence also explore reachs 140 thousand yuan inside. The personage inside course of study analyses: "The near future, the wave motion of new car market that small platoon measures a car in is bigger, add there was much money competition ability again September very strong with level new car appears on the market, right the old money model of two handcart market produces wallop, two handcart depreciate, also be phasic place forces. Also be phasic place forces..

   2. is big quantity is secondhand the car is firm in have go up

Big September prices that measures two handcart how? The reporter is in Ning Bo sees on website of intermediary of some two handcart, june 2008 the BMW 750li make a price of the portion 1.38 million yuan, september 2007 the make a price of bold horse H3 of the portion 675 thousand yuan, october 2007 of the portion run quickly Ml350 make a price 705 thousand yuan. "For high-grade to discharging an amount greatly car, 9 years period allowance for depreciation is highest, should hit basically 8 fold lower even. But suffer consumption tax of the old car that discharge an amount to affect recently, the price of two handcart also rose to nod a little. " Ning Bo one advocate in battalion high-grade and secondhand the intermediary of the car discloses say, "New car market rises in price drove two handcart market level, at present in high-grade and secondhand car some still is carrying main price, some had gone up 5000, 10 thousand 20 thousand the left and right sides. " analysis of the personage inside course of study says, because two handcart market has lag sex, this consumption tax is adjusted, the price just may be reflected after 3 two months come out. After period of time, replenish onr's stock of two handcart businessman presses the price of new consumption tax, buy big platoon to measure two handcart to be compared possibly in those days tall now 5% , even range is bigger, buy big amount now so two handcart are opposite for more be to one's profit.
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