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SUV market, who can shake east this CR-V?

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Since since doing a car to report, staff of close friends, unit buys a car to be able to look for me to help mostly. But, every time somebody puts forward to want Maidongben when Cr-v, I am very " painful " , the reason is car price is done not have one minute cheaply, want to raise the requirement of the car as soon as possible repeatedly, also satisfy hard. Agency gives me the biggest helping is, the bill of the client that asks me in computer forth move. That is to give me very large outer part, only 4s store general manager just has right.

Since new Cr-v appeared on the market last year, all the time fire arrives now. Chinese car city is entered since this year off-season, car city diffuses Bei

Move substantially in other manufacturer when low year sells index, this cropland increases east wind sale index, this cropland is opposite visible east wind the anticipation of Cr-v and confidence!

East wind the car of this cropland is not much, besides considering region classically is a city cross-country Cr-v.

Cr-v why can one branch alone beautiful? I think it basically is acumen forecasted market demand, enter town first, satisfied large quantities of one city white-collars to go after fashionable demand, they can play in controlling cozily appreciate cross-country emotional appeal. Cr-v uses system of timely four-wheel drive, hold <> concurrently mix through the gender the province is oily, with high cost oily Suv is compared, special province is oily. Cr-v is car batholith, drive very comfortable, if go really,desert, desert goes cross-country, this is not The strong point of Cr-v.

Market of high-grade in China Suv, one branch of Cr-v alone beautiful phenomenon makes all manufacturers jealous. Also greet model of big batch Suv to appear on the market at the same time, lion runs, road is gotten the better of, Xiao guest in succession before after chasing after, drive, what Cr-v of encircle and suppress holds is feudal, establish oneself base area.

Below around snipe, to consolidate oneself number one position, cr-v implemented consolidate step by step, spin the tactics of defence battlefront. Now, two drive of Cr-v 6 fast hands move city edition 2.0l archives appears on the market, price one hundred and eighty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, it is a castle.

Since new Cr-v appears on the market, spin ceaselessly line of defence, at present Cr-v series already covered 2.4 litres, 2 litres of two platoons quantities, the hand stirs archives, automatic file two kinds are held charge pattern, the 7 scale model of different configuration version.

New the two drive of Cr-v that appear on the market 6 fast hands move city edition archives car has two apparent characteristics, was to equip 2.0li-vtec engine, adopt fuel to burn completely control system and efficient exhaust purify a system, below integrated operating mode, oily bad news is 100 kilometers 8.4l only.

2 be, 6 fast hands use gearshift system, file is stirred in contented hand comfortable use easily, the person that promotion drives holds the premise that accuses fun to fall, gearshift is smooth, answer quick, make car is held accuse to answer more acute, also more the province is oily.

Add help low price further, strive comes loose what like Suv partially greatly more guest, run lion at the same time, road is gotten the better of, of Xiao guest partially potential client, bursa enters a bosom in. The model such as joyous to the Suv new Rui Jijun that is about to appear on the market, road, Rav4 makes certain impact.

Train of thought decides an outlet. Car city is like battlefield, look want shake east the position of this Cr-v, doing not have subtle step, danger chess is no good.

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