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The price buys big platoon smoothly to measure just in time of two handcart oppo

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This Zhou Yi, the big consumption tax that discharge an amount is adjusted formally. The reporter learns, although different manufacturer is aimed at the foot that big quantity rises in price not to agree, but big amount that market sells appears car price to already rose apparently, amplitude of comparative and directive price is in 2% ~ 32.9% differ.

The personage inside course of study points out, comparative tax cost adjusts around actual sale price, the big platoon that has sale showing a car currently measures a model, go up actually be in at least 8% above.

Suffer consumption tax effect, many cars advocate retreat and choose 3 reach the following platoon to measure luxurious vehicle, insecurity of supply and demand brings about privilege of this kind of luxurious car is small shrink. In addition, new consumption tax of short duration did not cause big effect to two handcart market, still be the inning that purchases big platoon to measure two handcart at present.

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Big platoon measures a model: Go up actually in 8% above

On September 1, the brand manufacturer such as cropland of one steam abundant, Leikesasi takes the lead in having a response to consumption tax, and from go up and next undertaking that whole set price is adjusted. The reporter visits Fosan market to understand, the Fosan this locality that still did not get manufacturer policy partly discharges volume model businessman greatly, also in succession initiative to having big amount that shows a car the model raises price. Big all capacities that making work appear a car not to have one exceptional ground to return to the price directive price, majority model increases price on this foundation, extent differs 600 thousand yuan from 20 thousand ~ . Come from the investigation discovery of the market, although partial car model calls tone valence only 2% ~ 5% , but can enjoy bigger privilege as a result of the consumer before this, partial model privilege achieves nearly 100 thousand yuan even. Conversion is bought to be bought actually valence, at present price of the large model that discharge an amount rose the least 8% . And the price of partial model rises more achieve 32.9% .

   Tall platoon measures vehicle of a person of extraordinary powers in: ⌒ of humorous of moisture in the soil of Hui of brandish  Yao rash

The reporter visits market discovery, many plans buy 3 ~ 4 quantities consumer, go up as a result of what duty expends tone, also went to look move 3 or on the model that lower platoon measures, run quickly, the 3.0(such as BMW Ao Di is contained) the central issue that the following platoon measures luxurious car to become the market to pay close attention to.

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