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The price buys big platoon smoothly to measure just in time of two handcart oppo

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Pan Guoguang of general manager of power dragon car shows Fosan fine horse, come from discovered to the investigation of the market recently, include to run quickly, the numerous mainstream brand such as BMW, Leikesasi all narrows the favourable extent of 3 or so model. He is analysed, the part plans to buy or so 3.5 quantity to the consumer of the model is retreated and choose the model of 3, brought about this scale model to demand exceeds supply. But Pan Guoguang reminds, 3 models cost won't rise, insecurity of supply and demand is temporary only.

   Small platoon measures a model: ?000 of Ao Dao of castrate of spay of three-bristle cudrania  yuan

Strange luck also hallooed recently answer the catchword that adjusts consumption tax actively, take the lead in measuring a model to undertake adjustment to its are small in the small manufacturer that discharge an amount, divide to Qq3 of 0.8 basic model outside is 7 models depreciate 2000 yuan completely, also include to did not adjust the 1.1 volumes model of limits in consumption tax.

The expert points out, of strange luck take the lead in depreciating, propagandist meaning is more at actual. Have do not wish the businessman of sign one's name expresses, of Qq3 depreciating should be to answer brand-new the F0 that appear on the market, the price that its adjust is the model that is less than 1 quantities not only, also include the model of 1.1. Among them, 1.1 amounts price of standard type model is moved low go to thirty-six thousand eight hundred yuan, as practical as F0 thirty-six thousand nine hundred yuan price is quite adjacent, should have very delicate meaning.

Industry thinks generally to be below the pressure of raw material and manpower cost, the small model that discharge an amount depreciates dimensional very little. Consumption tax is reduced only 2% , the cost that is not worth 1000 yuan is right truckload price impact is very small.

  Two handcart piece

Big platoon measures two handcart price to still be in smooth period

The reporter understands, after the message that adjusts from consumption tax is announced, high-grade discharge those who measure two handcart to trade greatly the quantity increases somewhat. But market depression causes keep long in stock of many two handcart businessman this year a large number of supply of goods. In addition, the consumptive group of secondhand and luxurious car is narrower, the phenomenon that contends for photograph scare buying did not appear.

Some two handcart controller tells a reporter, because the brand such as Leikesasi, Feng Tian is current new car carries value policy to had come out, outside growing except the two handcart presence that involves this kind is little, other model price is fluctuant not quite.

Pan Guoguang of power dragon general manager analyses Fosan fine horse, the large model discharging an amount that trades in two handcart has traded already, tax cost is adjusted won't cause litre of price directly, but the effect that suffers market supply demand relations, two handcart rise valence to be able to erupt after new car rises in the round. With current new car already was passed bright litre, covert the current situation that raises price is different, at present big platoon measures two handcart price to still be in smooth period, it is a bought opportunity currently.
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