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Old motor vehicle of special interview Anhui trades Fu Yiming of central general

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Fu Yiming: Master of industrial and commercial management
Register division of appraisal of appraisal of advanced old motor vehicle
Anhui old motor vehicle trades central general manager
The astral motor vehicle of Anhui wind auctions limited company General manager

One, ask brief introduction the Anhui province the current situation with two handcart current market?

Pay always: The truly normative development that I save two handcart market is promulgated 1998 from ministry of former inland trade " method of buying operation of old motor vehicle " begin. At present I save the photograph visitting town such as two handcart market and the Shanghai that develop, Beijing, Guangdong to have very big difference than returning, year trade the quantity is not worth 100 thousand, the two handcart that should say I am saved trade no matter from trade dimensions still looks from management level, be in primary level, but come nearly two years, trade every year the volume all rises with 30% right-and-left speed, trade the class of car also is rising ceaselessly, development perspective is very wide.

2, do you regard industry of a two handcart as old practitioner how is look upon secondhand the position of car market?

Pay always: Two handcart are relative to new car character, also be indifferent to two handcart without new car. Two handcart market is a of whole car market main component. The mark of mature car market is by new car the market and two handcart market are comprised jointly, interconnection of their interaction, photograph is moved. New car sale provides rich management resource for two handcart market; Two handcart market is new car market is outspread with complement; The cost that makes through replacement of new old car consumer buys new car again is reduced greatly, still can promote new car sale at the same time. New car market and the joint prosperity of two handcart markets, satisfy the different need that each estate consumes to the car, automobile industry catenary forms closed circuit. The blowout type that be produced as the car and consumes develops, the position of two handcart market will more and more outstanding, the action of play also is met bigger and bigger.

3, as we have learned, trade except two handcart now outside the market, company of brand 4S inn, distribute, broker company, auction firm all sortie is secondhand car business, are you how of look upon? They the new force that who will make two handcart market?

Pay always: From October 2005 the 4 branches such as national Department of Commerce allot " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " since, two handcart trade the situation of market unify the whole country is broken, current supervisory management abides by two handcart do away with forestall, encourage competition, the principle of stimulative development, company of brand 4S inn, distribute, broker company, auction firm in succession sortie is secondhand car business, the development of two handcart industry was driven on certain level. But the progress that also gives two handcart the market at the same time brings a lot of issues, be like " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " after coming on stage, lowered the admittance threshold of two handcart industry, for a short while two handcart trade the market is flush, distribute company, broker company is established without foreword, trade between the market, trade the competition that extremely miserable intense developed between the market and distribute enterprise, trade order is confused. Actually, two handcart trade is relation of a kind of fish and water between the market and distribute enterprise, should mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, develop jointly. Just lack effective administrative laws and regulations and normative measure about function branch. Because two handcart trade,the consequence since the market is long-term and the diversification that can offer two handcart goods are mixed the versatility of the service, I think to be inside quite long time, two handcart trade the person that the market remains the dominant of two handcart market, perhaps saying is fresh troops. Of course, two handcart trade the market should innovate ceaselessly, with when all is entered, the problem of two big core that solves two handcart industry to be faced with truly -- , sincere letter and after service.
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