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Old motor vehicle of special interview Anhui trades Fu Yiming of central general

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4, understand according to us, month of 8 years of 1-6, your Anhui old motor vehicle trades the center traded in all more than 7000 car, occupy Hefei city to trade quantity half above. In so intense market competition, does your Anhui old motor vehicle trade how is the center to gain competitive advantage?

Pay always: Our Anhui old motor vehicle trades the center held water 1998, it is government of the Anhui province and ministry of former inland trade I what examine and approve save only state level two handcart trade the market. Cover an area of 60 thousand more than square metre, register fund 5.5 million yuan, year two handcart trade measure more than 15000. If say our Anhui old motor vehicle trades,the center is in intense market has definite competitive advantage in competition, I think should be profit from the following respects: It is to invest energetically above all, improve hardware establishment. Anhui old motor vehicle trades the wholy-owned subsidiary that the star that the center is wind accuses a group, one-time investment was in the astral group of wind 30 million yuan last year industrial district of river of Hefei city package builds the modernization that covers an area of 60 thousand more than square metre muti_function the market. It is to strengthen business conformity next, begin diversified economy. Long-term since the management characteristic that diversified economy is our center, if car appraisal is evaluated, replacement of car auction, car, two handcart are managed, reorganize and outfit and decorate, trade change the name of owner in a register. Ingoing is new last year after location, we strengthened business conformity and manpower resource conformity, accomplish become independent each other already, resource is shared. At the same time ceaseless innovation serves sort, ceaseless promotion serves quality. The illicit home car that be evaluated freely like the illicit home car that rolls out recently and is about to roll out market trades on the weekend etc. It is to make good brand plan again, promote a brand consequence. Brand strategy is the child that competes in market economy, one good, outstanding brand, it is the core competition ability of an enterprise. Anhui old motor vehicle trades center all the time since do good foundation business except sureness beyond the job and service, still pay attention to the conduct propaganda of the brand and promotion particularly, be like with " Anhui business signs up for " , the long-term cooperation with old FM90.8 of Anhui traffic be on the air. We want to pass much honest effort namely, make the Anhui province two handcart industry the first brand.

5, want to ask you to talk about pair of brands finally the view of two handcart?

Pay always: Come nearly two years, take seriously to condition of two handcart industry ceaselessly as manufacturer home, the brand that each production manufacturer rolls out is secondhand the emerge in large numbers like the bamboo shoots in spring after Che Ruyu. Two handcart regard the brand as the newly emerging force of two handcart industry, have very large dominant position and competition ability, also urge generation actively action to the development of two handcart industry. Develop a tendency to get used to this, anhui old motor vehicle trades center last year second half of the year begins to undertake reorganize and outfit and attestation to self-supporting two handcart, carry out " the car before carry out besides appraisal " and " the service is defended character after carry out " act of two great services, strong roll out " the star of wind is secondhand car " . To passing attestation " the star of wind is secondhand car " , be opposite before carry out car condition is open fair show, carry out hind executes 3 months or the quality of 5000 kilometers assures, do one's best accomplishs our business purpose to go after " sincere letter is managed, sunshine trades " , get broad customer finally approbate and trust.
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