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Two handcart market is added fast the agency that put delay expects Jin Jiuyin 1

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Because only even numbers is carried out,wait for a reason recently, beijing a few bigTwo handcartMarket stock measure decreases apparently, Two handcartTrade actually the quantity also has certain atrophy accordingly. According to statistic, remove measure of change the name of owner in a register of modificatory only even numbers, beijingTwo handcartThe near future trades actually the quantity is compared the corresponding period glided last year many, Two handcartInventory also decreased to be become nearly. Industry public figure thinks generally, beijing's giant car retains the quantity makesTwo handcartThe market was full of business chance, trade height or will be in second half of the year appears this year.

- ShanghaiTwo handcartMarket wave motion is bigger

This year 1 ~ in June, shanghaiTwo handcartThe market suffers outside element to affect wave motion bigger, before 5 monthsTwo handcartTrade accumulative total quantity is 89404, grow 8.7% compared to the same period, present the state that grows relative to smooth, small basically. According to the analysis, license plate, discharge policy, oil price to rise and the element such as atrophy of new car sales volume causes ShanghaiTwo handcartMarket experience fluctuates substantially. Traded in January the quantity is 20949, only in Feburary 9485, less than 50% January.

Begin from March, shanghai's peculiar license plate price tends after stability, Two handcartOperator stares at the look in 4, the busy season May. But the busy season feature that the market behaves is apparent without in former years. As discharge new politics carry out, many new car dealer begin a country Ⅱ model changes directionTwo handcartCity, add the atrophy of new car sales volume, makeTwo handcartThe market appears bigger wave motion. Oil price rose in June, cause big amountTwo handcartTrade the quantity decreases. The personage thinks related place, although data shows first half of the yearTwo handcartClinch a deal the quantity still has growth, but clinched a deal in June the quantity is cut more apparent.

- ChengduTwo handcartThe market restores rapid

After experiencing earth shock, chengdu once of brief fall after a riseTwo handcartThe market restored vitality quickly. Clinched a deal in July the volume rose 20% than June. According to local expert analysis, because the earthquake is right,be in June
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